Thank You, Mam

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This article is for the most amazing person in my life and I have known since the moment I entered this crazy world. This is for my mother. Mam, I love you.

Where would I be without my mother? I tell you where I’d be. I’d be nowhere. I wouldn’t be able to survive. You see, I don’t see my mother as just a parent. She’s so much more than that. She’s my best friend, my mentor, my guide, everything. We have a strong mother-daughter relationship and I’m so thankful for that. I’ve heard a lot of people say how much they hate their mothers and how they wish death upon them. People saying that makes me feel really sorry for them and even a bit upset because I could never wish such a cruel thing on my mother.

Life has been such a rollercoaster and my mam has been there every step of the way right by my side. There have been some bad times where I’ve been so afraid and she’s had to put on a brave face, but I know secretly, she too was scared inside. She really does whatever she can for me. She’s had to change jobs a number of times to be able to look after me and a lot of parents wouldn’t do that. I am so so thankful for her.

My mother has been ill quite a few times, with her back or her chest. When she’s ill, I always secretly worry about losing her. If I did lose her, there’d be such a big hole in my life; I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I thought I was going to lose her once but thank God it was only a false alarm.

Whenever I get the chance to spend some quality time with her, I jump at the chance. We’ve done so many things together; gone and stuffed our faces in Cadbury World, gone to Florida together (and got stranded in Washington DC airport for 7 hours), we always manage to have a great time.

My mam is the most supportive person in my life. She’s always bragging to her friends about things I’ve done. She always wants the best for me and I know that when it comes to making a big decision, I can trust her opinions and inputs towards the situation.

I know I’m rambling on and on, but there is so much to say about the magnificent person my mam is and I absolutely love her so much. She’s my rock, my inspiration, my role model. I wish I could prove to her how much she means to me, because she means the universe to me.

Mam, I love you so much and I never ever ever want to lose you. I’m so thankful to have you as a parent and you are the most amazing woman I know. Happy Mothers’ Day.


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