That Letter… Part 2

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So, hey guys it’s me again. Yeah, a new cool me. My friend Ellis Alixandra did a make-over on me. I’ve been told I look hot. Think of your dream boy…yeah I’m like him but much better. You know what? I like this. Wanna see another letter I sent?

Dear Girl,
Yeah, I get it.
You don’t like me
But to be honest
I’ve changed.

Look at me
In college.
I’ve been told I’m hot
Like you.

But my friend
Said I
Don’t need
To change
For you.

So, guess what?
I ain’t changing.
You’ve lost out
On a nice caring boy
Who will treat you

Like you want
To be treated.
Here’s some news –
I have a new girl 
Yeah, me with a girl.

Well, I have to
Go now.
Off on a date.
That geek you hate.

That I what I sent to her for the last time. Perhaps she’ll think about how she treated me at first, now that she’s missed out on a good-looking, caring, sensitive boy like me.

Now, I send letters to my girl instead.

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