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Dear girl,

You’re my life,
You’re my soul.
We belong together,
Just never say never.

I love the way you smile
The way you talk to me
Every night and day.
If you could only see I don’t

‘Just wanna be friends’.
I want to be more than friends
No, not a room mate,
Not a drinking partner.

A soul mate,
Your one and only…
Who can I say?

Johnny Depp!
Yeah, that’s who you like.
I know ‘coz…
Ummm, never mind.

Back to your love letter.
Well, when I’m around and
About all I can
See is you.

Yes, you.
All I see is you.
But you never see me
‘coz I’m, as your boyfriend says:

He’s a geek, 
He smells,
No one will love him,
‘coz he is a swot. 

He has no fashion sense,
Look at his checked shirt,
Tucked into his black,
Knee high trousers,

Who wears that? 
No one!
See, so that is why
I can never be noticed by you.

You’re so:
Fashionable, with your
Little pink dress,

With the cute white cardigan
That matches your
Lush long blonde hair.
Oh you’re so happy, 

And always make me happy.
You’re my life and my soul,
Maybe we could go out soon.
Yeah, but only in my dreams.

I’ll never get you.
You’ll never notice me.
No one does.
I may just leave you go. 

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