That Night

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Hold me tight,
Throughout the night.
This feels so right,
Sleeping in your arms tonight.

You kissed my hand,
That touched my heart.
You kissed my lips,
Then called me sweet heart.

My life is yours,
Your heart is mine.
Together we entwine,
And tonight you’re mine.

I took you out,
With no shadow of a doubt.
That you’ll be mine,
And I’ll be yours.

We took the bus,
What such class.
You and me,
Just chilling with Darcy.

We got to Spoons,
With the goons.
I looked at you,
And I thought…what a view.

We pushed and laughed,
We took a glance.
I knew from then,
We’ll never part.

You stole my heart,
You tore me apart.
I love you,
My beautiful beau.

You hold me tight,
Throughout the night.
It feels so right,
Sleeping in your arms every night.

You kiss my hand,
It touches my heart.
You kiss my lips,
And call me sweet heart.

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