The 12 Songs You Need To Hear

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Music is constantly in a state of flux as the public taste shifts accordingly to the whatever current ‘trend’ is occurring.

But regardless of this, these songs will still be amazing.

1. ‘Your Love’ – Nicole Scherzinger

Oh, Nicole. You had no reason to come back with a song this sophisticated, catchy or ahead of the wave in terms of pop music. Whilst straying fairly close to the EDM-influenced pop landscape of the moment, this is an incredibly sophisticated single that, actually, sounds like nothing out there at the minute and is a storming return to form from Scherzy, whom we feared we had lost since the debacle that was ‘Boomerang’. With an entire album on the way produced solely by hit makers The-Dream and Tricky Stewart (who between them have written hits such as ‘Umbrella’, ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘Baby’), Scherzy could be looking at her biggest home run yet.

2. ‘Break Free’ – Ariana Grande ft. Zedd

The current It Girl of pop, Ariana Grande, has already scored a UK number one and a US number two with the irresistible ‘Problem’ (thanks Iggy Iggz) which cemented – if Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’ and the new Cheryl single haven’t already demonstrated – that a sax solo is most definitely the most current pop trend. But eschewing saxophones and swaggering beats for the minute, Grande has gone and unveiled her most mainstream (and brilliant) single to date with the Zedd-assisted ‘Break Free’. Unlike the Scherzinger single, this veers straight into predictable EDM-pop territory, but Grande’s mini-Mariah vocals and pop sensibility manage to carry the track past its numerous cliches. What a chorus.

3. ‘Louder’ – Neon Jungle

Ever since they dropped their bonkers debut single ‘Trouble’ this time last year, Neon Jungle have sought to fill the large Girls Aloud-shaped hole in the girl band industry. Their first three singles were all storming club bangers with a ferocious edge, but in the weeks leading up to their album release, the Jungle’s next single is – shock! Horror! – a ballad. Well, when we say ‘ballad’ we mean it’s a nice song about love and stuff over heavy guitar beats. It’s as close to a ballad as we’re going to get from these girls.

4. ‘Disappointed’ – Chloe Howl

Chlöe Howl was, last year, nominated for the BRITs Critics Choice Award and the BBCs Sound Of…poll. She didn’t win either (Sam Smith saw to that) but she still remains unfazed by these snubbings (and, sadly, the snub radio and the general public have given to her) but her smart electo-pop style remains untarnished as Howl aims directly for the jugular with this immensely enjoyable diss track.

5. ‘Little White Lies’ – Florrie

Florrie is amazing. This song is amazing. The album will be amazing.

6. ‘Boom Clap’ – Charli XCX

Being the words behind two of the biggest breakthrough anthems of the past two years – Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’ and Iggy Azeala’s ‘Fancy’ – must be frustrating, XCX has been given feature credits on both these songs yet she remains relatively unknown to all, despite her debut album, True Romance, being a legit amaze-fest from beginning to end. The release of ‘Boom Clap’ (which was featured in one of the years biggest films, The Fault In Our Stars) is hoped to change Charli’s fortunes. And with it being such a triumph, who are we to argue?

7. ‘First Love’ – Jennifer Lopez

Yet another pop star who had no right to storm back with a single this incredible, the Max Martin (production God behind most of the early Britney hits) produced ‘First Love’ is – again, a lot like the Scherzinger song – a single that sounds familiar to audiences whilst also manages to be completely unlike anything out there at the minute. What a return to form.

8. ‘Sirens’ – Cher Lloyd

There’s no easy way to say this, but the brat behind ‘Swagger Jagger’ has grown up and gotten good. We all may have feared that the amazing ‘Want U Back’ was just a blip, that Cher Lloyd was not going to transform into a good pop star. But, batten down the hatches, this is a brooding and haunting single that singe-handledly wipes all swaggering and jaggering from the slate. Cher Lloyd’s back, and she’s rather amazing.

9. ‘Changing’ – Sigma feat. Paloma Faith

There were whispers that Paloma would be heading into a more dance-orientated direction on her recently released third album, but clearly these plans were put on hold so this amazing single would be unleashed and everyone would be surprised that Paloma could pull off being this big a popstar. Never doubted her for one second.

10. ‘Fight For This Love’ – Cheryl (Cole)

With the news that Cheryl has re-married, there’s been all sorts of wondering about what name she’ll use. Will she for some silly reason keep the Cole? Will she just be ‘Cheryl’ (probably the best bet) or use her husband’s name, Fernandez-Versini? Whatever happens, let’s just remind ourselves how good a popstar our Cheryl can be with this almighty tune, which we still haven’t tired of in its 200th listen.

11. ‘212’ – Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has been dropped! No, that’s actually good news, since her former label Interscope have offered Az literally no promotion and her debut album has been postponed for 3 years. Yet, she’s still riding the waves of success stimulated by this song (our best song of 2012 FYI) which when you think about it, is quite incredible. Like the song.

12. ‘Moodswings / Glitterbombed’ – Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church’s new documentary recently aired on BBC Wales and it offered a fascinating look into fame and the one woman who seemingly had it all and has just shrugged it off, like last night’s kimono. Yes, there was a time when Charlotte Church could have been an amazing pop star (see the chorus for ‘Moodswings’) but it also turns out she’s a dab hand at this indie malarkey, as the incredibly haunting, sophisticated and amazing ‘Glitterbombed’ will showcase.

See, told you. Amazing.

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