The Amazing World Of LiamLand – Halloween and how much you should chugalug

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As you should know, it is the time of year where dressing up as scary things and knocking on strangers houses for sweets is considered normal.

Things like: ghosts, Draculas, zombies and witches roam around the streets with baskets full of sweets, chocolate & (my favourite) money!

I’m not a very big fan of Halloween. I never have liked anything scary because I get easily frightened, like my worst fear is thunder and lightning, along with bees and wasps. So I never have liked this time of the year. I much prefer Christmas, when everything is all cheerful and happy and snow and stuff!

But some people like to go partying at Halloween too, and really… I’m not much of a partier either.
Before I carry on with the rest of this article, I would just like to say that I am not one that you may call ‘miserable’, I’m more like the one you would call ‘weird’. I do like some fun stuff, just not Halloween and parties.

Anyway, my Halloween includes sitting at home, listening to music, photoshop-ing, Facebook-ing and playing some music on my trumpet!

Some people take Halloween for granted and go partying and get wasted just because they have a suitable reason. Well, they are the people that I call weird. What is the actual point in getting wasted at every chance you get?! It’s silly!

Yes okay, I do drink something on Christmas and sometimes my birthday; who doesn’t? But if you’re still in school and you have important events occurring like GCSE’s or something alike, should you really be using up your time by downing the poison that has been poured into various types of cans and bottles?! No.

I’m not saying that you should be spending every single minute of your day in your bedroom, reading from a textbook that consists of ‘wonderful knowledge’ on things like maths, English and science.

What I AM saying, is that you should be in your bedroom, reading from a textbook that consists of ‘wonderful knowledge’ on things like maths, English and science for just a part of your day, but also socialising is good in life, so keep at it people. Just don’t get wasted while you’re at it. Or as Michael McIntyre would put it…totally and utterly bungalowed!

So this Halloween, try being a LiamLander!
Go to a Halloween party, and control the amount of sewage-like monstrosities that you chugalug.
Have a great Halloween!

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