The Amazing World Of LiamLand – Opportunities and how to get a boy/girlfriend

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Felix Baumgartner.

If you don’t know who this person is, he was in the news this month for doing one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. He’s a skydiver from Austria.

On the 14th October, he set the world record for the highest skydive, greatest free-fall velocity and the altitude record for a manned balloon flight.

He broke through the sound barrier and is now the first person to ever do this with no vehicle. He’s in the image attached.

The reason I bring him up is because he is an absolute inspiration to the human race and after seeing him dive, you shouldn’t be afraid of trying to achieve anything that you wish to do in life.

He knew the risk he was taking; he could have died easily in so many ways! But he still got into the spacecraft and went up there and dived down.

When he did dive down, there was a little problem that he was faced with; he started to spin in the air. If this continued, then his blood could have boiled and (you guessed it!) he could have died.

So what does this tell us?

You shouldn’t be afraid to chase your ambitions.

Obviously it doesn’t have to be as big as jumping from space, it can be little things like: learning to play an instrument, or learning to speak a different language or simply getting better grades in school/college/university.
Wanted to learn to play the guitar or piano or something? Then have the willpower to learn!

There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to get involved with. We, fortunately, live in a country where there is a large variety of things for you to try out. Whether it be sports, performing, art or something else! Take these opportunities and try something out! If you don’t like it, then change it. Nobody’s going to kill you for doing it!

You never know, trying something out could change your life some day, or be helpful in the future.
What if you want to try and get a girlfriend/boyfriend who loves music? If you learn to play a guitar, then you’re a step closer to getting her/him. (Take note of that, it might work.)

What if you wanted to get food from a French cafe in France where the staff don’t speak English? If you learn French, you can!

… or you could go to a cafe where the staff do speak English, but that isn’t the point I’m trying to make.

In LiamLand, opportunities are never missed by anyone. (Except the language speaking ones, there’s no need, everyone speaks Liamese) and the opportunities always lead to something good for them.
Try it out sometime! Bookmark or save this article in your favourites, go out and try something new, and in a few weeks/months, come back to this article and comment what you’ve done, or can do, and how it has helped or will help you!

Make life worth living!

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” – Demosthenes

If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.” – Jane Goodall


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