The Big Day Out

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Hey all, my name’s Josie and this is my day out.

It all started with me having a day out with my boyfriend on Saturday 6th July. It wasn’t raining for once (yippy), so all of Wales thought to book a day off work and go out. This isn’t a normal day for Wales as you can see; normally it’s raining, and everyone is hiding like hermits.

Well look at me, babbling on. So, where was I? Oh yeah, my day out.

So, me and my boyfriend decided to catch a bus to Swansea, because it’s cheaper than the train. Yes, I’m not the type of girl to flaunt her cash, so we paid £5 for a return and thought we’d catch a late bus home. We had a lush walk around the shops, but spent most of our time in Primark. Then we saw something peculiar in the middle of the shopping centre – it was a wheel-spinning game where everyone wins. So, me and my boyfriend played and we won a mystery prize in one of the shops. It turned out to be a token for 2 people to have a free makeover and some perfume samples. I wasn’t happy. Well, I guess that’s all you can hope for in Wales.

We then walked to the beach, which wasn’t too far away. We got to the beach and lay down our blankets. We then went for a dip, but I hate the sea so my boyfriend took my hand and we went in together. I was beginning to like it, until something touched my foot. I screamed like a little girl. Then, as we were getting out, my boyfriend cut his foot on a rock. We were in the rocky part of the sea, so we decided to move. We found a better place and went back in the water. This time it was better and we got soaked, even though I was wearing shorts.

We left at five o’clock for the bus and I fell asleep, so I can’t say much about the journey home. When I woke up, the children at the back of the bus were ringing the bell and annoying the bus driver.

We got home at about 6, then invited a friend out. Even at 6 it was still light, so we walked up Merthyr Tydfil mountain. I was the leader, and we used sticks to help us climb up. It was rough so I was getting battered, bruised and stung. We got half way up the forestry that we were in and found the path we were supposed to take. Oh well, it was more fun our way. We got half way up the mountain and saw lush views, but there was also a dead sheep.

The sheep looked like it was there for more than two weeks. You could see its backbone, ribs, and flesh. The legs were still on the body. It was gross. Then I wondered, where was its head? I found it and the smell of the flesh was horrible. After that, I thought to myself, how did it die? The boys said it looked burnt, so we went with that. Then, we looked at the lush views of Merthyr and the boys showed me where the graves from the Aberfan disaster were. It was an awful thing that happened, which I’ll write an article about soon. We watched the sun set, and I took beautiful pictures of Merthyr, and funny photos of me and the boys. As we were walking back down, we came across another sheep’s skull. 

The path got more rough as we walked down. It was all overgrown and we had to make our own path. My boyfriend fell on his bum once or twice, and his friend was slipping a lot. They screamed when they fell. Then I jinxed myself – I said: “I haven’t fallen yet,” right before I fell flat on my bum.

This day was the best, and all of you reading this should have been there. Thank you for reading my story, I promise there’ll be more to come.

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