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Our very own sub editor from the Rhondda Ky (me) is now on air saturdays 5-7pm

so don’t miss him in his new show “Chemical Fallout”

(The) Chemical Fallout is a specialist show run by Ky J Webber every Saturday from 5pm. The name is taken from bands ‘Fallout Boy’ and ‘My Chemical Romance’ and was originally the name of a band Ky was going to join, named after his likeness to Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and another members likeness to Pete Wentz (Fallout Boy).

The show is a specialist show and in essence is rock playing classic rock such as ‘Iron Maiden’, more recent rock such as ‘The Distillers’ and soft rock such as ‘Bon Jovi’.

This does not stop the show from playing a range or other genres however and there are often themed shows such as ‘Back to the eighties’.

Each show is hosted by Ky, and a guest host, as well as being produced by Smiley the trained monkey.
Every fortnight a band or solo artist appears on the show for an interview and sometimes even a live performance.

Also on the show:
An advice section on the show ‘Ask Ky’ why Ky will try to answer any question thrown at him by phoning in
‘Ky’s Krypton Factor’ where Ky is given a challenge to complete for the week and talks about last weeks challenge
A frequent Quiz ‘Are you smarter than your radio host?’ where Ky is challenged by the sho’s guest presenter to answer a series of questions to see who is smarter
‘The News at When’ Chemicalfallout’s very own news section brought to you by Bruce
TV/Radio highlights of the week where the funniest clips from the radio and TV are discussed


‘The Karaoke Sing off’ where contestants Phone in and sing a choice of three Karaoke songs for the chance to win the title of Karaoke King and closing the show


and to find out more about the show, visit the profile page at:

dont miss it!


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