The Community Pharmacy Stop Smoking Service

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What is it?
This is a free service available to clients (aged 15 and over) living in, or registered to a doctor (GP) in the borough of Merthyr Tydfil or Rhondda Cynon Taff (Cwm Taf Health Board). Pharmacists who have attended accredited training organised by the Local Health Board will provide the service. The service is linked with the Stop Smoking Wales Service, which helps smokers across Wales to give up smoking.

Are there any exclusions?
Some clients with severe liver, kidney or heart disease may not be able to use this service as any treatment they receive needs to be closely monitored by their doctor. Clients, who are not able to use this service for any of the above reasons, will be referred to alternative services. Clients will not be able to access this service if they do not consent to follow up.

What help will clients get?
Clients will be assessed by the pharmacist for their dependence and motivation &readiness to quit.

Clients will be given a “getting started pack” to take away and read/complete. This involves completing a questionnaire (to assess medical & smoking history) and also requires clients to keep to keep a smoking diary for 2 days and complete some forms which will help clients to identify their smoking triggers/habits which will help them plan their quit attempt. Clients will be asked to return to the pharmacy for their first appointment.

Clients who are not motivated/ready to quit will be given health promotion advice and advised to return at a later date.

Clients ready to quit will be provided with a 12 week course of free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), combination NRT therapy will be available where clinically appropriate. NRT will be provided weekly for the first 2 sessions and then fortnightly for the remaining 5 sessions. The pharmacist will also provide 7 one-to-one support sessions and provide patients with information (such as how to deal with cravings or managing weight gain) to help them in their quit attempt.

Pharmacist will measure carbon monoxide levels in order to monitor clients’ progress.
Following clients’ progress Pharmacists will follow clients’ progress for the 12 weeks. If clients provide consent the Local Health Board clients 12 months after the quit attempt to determine smoking status.

Download a list of Participating pharmacies here

Contact Emma Hinks Community Pharmacy/Prescribing Support Pharmacist Tel: 01443 744902


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