The Cynon Valley Super School

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I am a pupil of Blaengwawr Comprehensive School, in year 9 and at themoment the whole idea of the super school is a waste of time and money, filledwith flaws and faults. The booklets that were handed out around the localschools, yes the building looked like a work of modern art, but in all of themeetings so far, there is no proof what so ever that suggests that the actualbuilding will look anything like the images in the booklet. Anyway, thereis not enough money to make the school, it is pointless!

Just because numbers in the Boys and Girls schools numbers are failing. Blaengwawrnumbers are the highest they’ve been since the school began. There is no needfor this to go ahead and drag Blaengwawr into it.  Also, there is the factthat the parents of pupils in the boys and girls school have chosen personallyto put their children into a single sex school, so why mix it up. Not tomention the fact that for pupils in yr 9, this change will happen in our mainGCSE year so it is risking our future all round. It is a stupid, pointless ideathat shouldn’t have been brought up in the first place.

Please comment if you’re for or against the Cynon Valley Super school.


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