The Dark Soul Forest – Part 1

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*Editor’s note: This is the first instalment of a work-in-progress and, as such, should be read as the start of a novel. Enjoy.*

The light burst through the trees into the forest that once was a town full of happiness, but the happiness changed with the birth of the chosen one in the castle where nobody dared to enter.

Only once has there been one girl travelling to the castle, her name is Amy Cole. She is 16 years of age, with dark brown hair and she is pale in sunlight. She always dared to go up into the castle.

Werewolves live on the edge of the town, they’re called the Louvres.

They are one of the oldest families along with the Witches and the Draculas; the Draculas live in the run-down castle that belonged to the King. Now, the Draculas rule over it without Amy Cole knowing.

The town is a forest of trees. Plants up-rooted from the ground, roads turned into lakes; making the town into a mythical place.

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