The Day I Met My Idol

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What I’m about to write feels like fiction, but it’s 100% real, even if it hasn’t sunk in yet.

Tuesday 26th November 2013 – the day I met my idol.

Olly Murs is my idol and I have been dreaming for God knows how long to meet him. The above date is the day I finally got to meet him. I was on Twitter one day to see OllyHQ tweet from his account saying about the HMV ‘Sign and Selfie’ and how he was only going to do one in London. I was gutted because I’ve never had the chance to meet him. I carried on my week like normal, but was slightly gutted that I was missing yet another chance to meet 1/6th of my idols. A few days later -forgetting where the signing even was – my dad offered to take me to London for the day as he had a ‘little Christmas surprise’ for me. He said it didn’t cost much, but I’d really like it. Thinking it was a day of Christmas shopping, I agreed to it.

On the morning of the day, a friend of mine Tweeted, saying about the signing…that’s when it triggered in my mind – could I be going to meet Olly? Nah, probably not, but just in case, I took a letter I had written once that I always wanted to send but didn’t and a present I always said I’d give him if I ever met him. Stupid, I know, but still.

When we arrived in London, I just thought I was being stupid and I clearly wasn’t meeting Olly. I followed my dad to the London Underground from Victoria Bus Station and we got on the Victoria Line. When we got off at Oxford Circus, I still just thought it was probably Christmas shopping. Until we arrived at the back of HMV, to see a queue of 200 people. I freaked out – this was it. I was in the queue to meet Olly Murs. I thanked my dad a thousand times and even though I had to wait five hours in the cold, I didn’t care. I still thought there was a possibility I wasn’t going to meet him, until security informed us after 600 people arrived, they’d close the queue. I asked where about in the queue were we and he said the 200 mark. I froze. I was in the queue of people definitely meeting Olly. My heart was racing and I didn’t know what to think or say. It didn’t hit me for ages.

So after waiting for like 6 hours, Olly arrived and we were all in what made me think of sheep pens made out of the HMV aisles. I was, like, in the fourth one and it was about 30 minutes until my turn but it felt like forever. In the background, the new DVD that comes with the special edition album played and everyone was so excited. Olly finally came out and the press took their photos and we all went wild. I was so overwhelmed; I didn’t know what to do!

Finally, it was my turn. It was super quick and (because my memory is like a frigging film developing camera when I’m excited) I still can’t remember everything, but he was like ‘alright darlin?’ and I was like ‘hiya! Umm. I brought you a present, it’s not much but…’ ‘Oh thanks! What is it?’ ‘It’s a Welsh lovespoon, the letter explains it,’ ‘thanks, babe,’ he put it to one side, signed my CD and then took a selfie on my phone and gave me a hug and let me kiss his cheek, said ‘bye darlin!’ and that was it. But he had 600 people in the 2 hour slot so I didn’t expect much but I loved it even if it was over in a flash.

I broke down in tears after meeting him and I still can’t quite get my head around meeting him but I’m so glad I did and I am so happy my dad took me to London just to meet him for not even two minutes. It meant the world to me and it still does and it will be something I will never ever forget.

So, that’s my little experience in meeting Olly Murs. I still get shivers up my spine from meeting him and I hope I get to interview him someday – it’s on my bucket list. He’s such a lovely guy and he’s just…I can’t even describe how amazing he is. He gives the best hugs ever! (Sorry, Gino D’Acampo! You’re a great hugger, but Olly’s beaten you on this!)

I will never ever be able to thank my dad enough for this and I can’t wait to see the video he took. Thanks, dad.

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