The Diary of a Drama Queen: Results Day Eve

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Well, it’s the 24th August, which means it’s the night before results day, or, as I have recently christened it ‘Results Day Eve’.
Like almost every other fourteen to fifteen year old in Wales and England, tomorrow I will be receiving my first set of GCSE results, a momentous occasion in most people’s lives! I must admit, again, like many others, I really am nervous and although my parents are supportive, the pressure really is on, not just to please my teachers and family, but for myself also, so, as I sit down to watch ‘Love Actually’ (yes, it’s Christmassy, but whatever, it always makes me happy) I’m frantically thinking about each of the seven exams I have done and wondering which grade I’ll get, yikes! As I have been told quite a few times recently “They’re just GCSEs! Wait until you get you’re A-Levels!” they still really are nerve-wracking to say the least, so shush! However, these people did get me thinking, and I decided to let the scary times roll; it’s all part of growing up, so tomorrow, whatever I get really, I’ll be smiling; there will be plenty more where it came from. So, I’d just like to wish everyone else in my situation the best of luck, and, as the incredible Bob Marley once said “Don’t Worry, Be happy!”

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2 thoughts on “The Diary of a Drama Queen: Results Day Eve”

  1. WICIDeditor says:

    Good Luck Everyone! Let us know how you did with your results?

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    Good luck Vic! I’m more worried about getting my candidate number wrong. Not one of the smartest things I’ve done. Anyway, these are only our year 10 results so that’s okay- we can resit them in year 11 if need be! x

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