The Filter Residential – What Went On

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Day One

On Friday, we arrived at the University of South Wales to attend The Filter residential. When we checked in we were shown our dorms that we would be staying in for the weekend; after we dropped our luggage to the dorms we went down to The Hub where The Filter staff got us to do some icebreakers and mingle with the other groups that had arrived.

Not a lot had been done this evening as it was the first day and the induction to the weekend.

It’d been fun so far but tiring at the same time although a lot more fun was on the way tomorrow.

I couldn’t wait and this was only the start.

Day Two

It had been a long and eventful day at The Filter residential. We got up for our first cooked breakfast at 8:30am which was lovely, then after our breakfast we went to The Hub where we got involved in a few activities and workshops about the tobacco industry and how it effects us as smokers and non-smokers and also how it affects the farmers and the manufacturers that supply the tobacco.

After we did that we went for our lunch break.

After lunch, we went back to The Hub where we did another workshop until 2:30, at 2:30 we did more activities that were really fun. We designed our own The Filter T-shirts – that lasted about 45 minutes. Then we moved on to another workshop where we did break-dancing, that was amazing. After that we went on to our last workshop were we talked and wrote about our emotions and formed them into a poem.

After we did all that we went back to our dorms where we got ready for our evening events.

Our evening events entailed of our evening meal, Cut Films awards, karaoke and a disco. It’d been an amazing day and night at The Filter residential – even the staff had a laugh!

Pretty much it had been an amazing weekend so far and there was still a day to go.

Day Three

It was Sunday and the last day of the residential. It’d been an amazing weekend but we were all tired from Saturday night’s disco, but it was all good.

The last day consisted of us doing some more activities and a table tennis tournament took place.

The Filter staff had been amazing and I’d learned loads.

We hope to attend the next The Filter residential next year!

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