The Girl Never knew

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Day by day,
She just watched him sigh,
“I just want to love you” he screamed,
She gave no reply,
She wanted him to hold her,
Close as could be,
But she thought to herself,
“He couldn’t want me”
She wanted him to kiss her,
And to both lay in his bed,
To dream together
And hope for a “yes” to be said.

She knew she’d lose him,
If she had him to herself,
She knew he was too good for her,
Made for anybody else,
But she loved him and wanted him,
To both lay in his bed,
To dream together,
And hope for a “yes” to be said.

She was scared of what could happen,
She knew the boy was too,
She thought,
“by now, we would have both been through!”
So, is that what would have happened?
if she acted upon her heart and not her mind?
Would she be happier?
Would life have been more kind?
“Was the boy always thinking of me too?”
And that was the question, you see,
And so the Girl, Never Knew.

Emily Hattersley

2 thoughts on “The Girl Never knew”

  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Ah I love it Em! I didn’t know you was such a writer! You should tell me these things! haha x

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is really good. Really good.

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