The Great War: 100 Years On

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100 years ago, Britain declared war on Nazi Germany. The Great War started in late July 1914 and it lasted until early November 1918; British soldiers were told that they would return by Christmas 1914 but what they didn’t know was that they would be living in the trenches in northern France for 4 years.

More than 9 million troops and army personnel, and 7 million civilians died as a result of the Great War. It was one the most deadliest and catastrophic wars in history. Millions of soldiers have been killed in the most brutal wars and they gave their lives for us, so we could lead a peaceful life, or so they thought. We still have horrific conflicts going on all over the world today, the 13 year conflict in Afghanistan came to an end just over a week ago. Thousands of lives taken away. We will remember them.

The First World War and WWII resulted in many changes. No other wars have changed the map of Europe so dramatically. Four empires disappeared: the German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian. Numerous nations regained their former independence, and new ones created. Politics was changed forever in Britain; we resolved our problems with Germany after Hitler died.

Everything seemed peaceful until communism came along, the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism but Britain and America were having none of it. That resulted in the Cold War, the War that saw no real violence but just threats and serious talks.

WW1 saw many famous poems, stories and diary entries being published, one of the most famous poems to come from the trenches is Dulce et Decorum Est, written by Wilfred Owen during the conflict.

We will remember the fallen on the 11/11/14, the nation will fall silent for 2 minutes as the nation says thank you.

We will remember, lest we forget.

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