The Halloween Kids

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Hallow Beginnings

Up on the old mountain in Ridge Way Park, a bunch of crazy cool kids were on their greatest mission yet.
I’m Kai! I’m the oldest of our group! I’m 14 and a half years old, Ihave blonde hair and my eyes are green. Everyone says I’m good enoughto eat, whatever! I’m the sort of kid who’s too cool for himself but Iknow it! The second oldest is Jenna, she’s a very attractive girl withbleach blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Jenna is 3 months youngerthan me, she’s quiet and polite, you know average little good girl.Third oldest is Emily, her hair is black with a luminous pink streak atthe front of her hair. Emily’s eyes are a very strange colour, theyseem to glow bright blue when the moon rises, she also has a smallbeauty mark under her right eye. Emily’s like a punk style sort exceptshe’s kinder than most people in our class, she will turn fourteen in 4months. The fourth is Amelia who is turning fourteen in 7 months.Amelia is very pretty, she has bright green eyes and wavy golden hair.Amelia could never see just how charming and beautiful she is becauseshe turned blind from age two, and now when ever someone calls hergorgeous, she says “Maybe one day I’ll tell you if I agree”. She’s theonly girl who plays around, even though all we usually talk about ishow scary things look! And the baby of the group is Stan, he has onlyjust turned thirteen last week. Stan has chocolate locks and stunningbrown eyes, and all the girls in his class say he has a very cute nose.he’s a smart kid who seems to know EVERYTHING! It’s cute but sometimesannoying!

Well, our story starts on the day before Halloween! The story atschool was that the old double U factory was haunted, and that all whoenter may never leave, spirit or soul! Well of all people to find thatinteresting, who else but the Halloween Kids? It was nine o’clock andthe HK were at the hideout, a place we go to talk and set missions. Thepoint of our group is to find haunted places and see if they areactually haunted or not. So far we’ve gone on twenty one missions, onlyfifteen of them have been haunted. We can only go on missions inOctober. After the internet search for haunted spots, Amelia said “Akid in school told me about the double U factory that shut down fiveyears ago! Why don’t we go there?” it was a good suggestion! “yeah wecan go there as soon as I’m done wanting to live!” Emily snapped. “Youknow, there’s a lot of buzz about this factory maybe we should go!”Stan commented back. The agreement when we started our club was thatno-one got left behind and all challenges are a way to get there!
I had to step up to say something! “I think we should go, it’s achallenge and challenges?” then every one followed on “are a way toget there!”. We decided to go to the factory. But the plan had to beperfect to crack a case this big. Stan, Amelia and I came up with asolid plan. We had to get in to do the sleuthing, that was the firstpart of our perfectly solid plan. “There’s a duct near the edge of thehouse, we can get in through there!” Stan explained “but how do we getout? And what if the rooms in the house are locked?” Emily had to sayback. Amelia had the answer to that “It’s a factory, so the doors haveproperly rusted and fallen off!” so the plan is get in, find theghosts, get out.

The air duct that was open lead to all the rooms in the factory. “Whydon’t we try the first room of the factory?” Emily suggested “Perfect!Where else to start but the start!” Jenna exclaimed. We all crawled ourway to the front of the factory, the duct seemed to get smaller andsmaller each crawl we took. All five of us pulled each other throughthe duct. The front of the factory was creepy and smelled like damp, itwas like living inside a wet towel! “what now? Where do we go?” Jennaasked, “Well we start at the front room and end at the last room beforethe back door, but we should spend five minutes in each room, just tobe sure!” explained Stan “but wouldn’t it make more scene to split upand go around each room in teams?” Stan said once again. “Ok! Me andJenna do the front and you, Amelia and Emily go round the back” Ireplied.

Will the children find the ghosts?…
find out next time


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