The International Iconomy #2- Stephen Fry

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Born: 24 August 57
Nationality: British
Icon of: Entertainment

Most people will know Fry for his presenting or acting, but he is far more talented, he is an author, journalist, comedian, poet and director.

People wonder how he can be so clever, well with parents like his there is no wonder how he became a scholar from Cambridge University, his mother Marianne was a physicist and his father Alan was an inventor no less.

Perhaps most famous for portraying General Melchett in the BBC comedy series ‘Blackadder’ he has also appeared in the FOX show ‘Bones’ as Dr. Gordon Wyatt. He has also made many documentaries such as ‘Stephen Fry in America’ where he went to every state of the colossal country and ‘Last Chance To See’ where he travelled many countries searching for endangered species in what could be the “last chance” to ever see them alive. He has presented the quiz show ‘QI’ with team captain Alan Davies since its beginning in 2003.

Fry is also well known online for his legendary and sometimes controversial ‘tweets’ If you want to follow him on twitter click here
He also speaks Greek, French and some Latin

A little known fact about Fry is that he is actually homosexual. He struggled with his sexuality for many years and put it off for many years. While on the set of ‘Blackadder’ he contemplated asking one of the make-up artists, Sunetra Sastry out on a date but didn’t after hearing Rowan Atkinson had asked her just before him. In a few years time Fry would be a guest at their wedding. He and his only domestic partner, Daniel Cohen split up in 2010. However his friend Emma Thompson described him as “90% gay and 10% straight.”

He was the best man at Hugh Laurie’s wedding and is also the godfather to his 3 children.
He his also the director of Norwich City Football Team and also expressed an interest in cricket. 

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