The journey of the pixie guardian called Marylou

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A few years ago the pixie called Marylou was of an age to marry. Her dad said “it is time for you to get married”. Marylou was sad. She was scared and her dad wouldn’t take no for an answer. She went to her bedroom and packed her bags. She then climbed out of her window and flew away to her friends. She knew that her friend Princess Usagi would help her and so she set off on a hard trip to the imperial palace where the Princess lived. She hoped the Princess would help her like she has helped 100,000 other people.  She knew it would only take seven days to get to the imperial palace where Usagi was staying.

Three days later she went to the land of the dragon. To her surprise the Princess was in the dragon land. She said ” hi Marylou, I have come to see you”. “I heard your dad is to make you marry the goblins guardian called James”. I have come all the way to help you get out of it and I have a plan. What is it? Will you came to the palace and work as one of my Council? In my council we are all girls and all the rest of the girls have joined up and if you want you can to and it means you don’t have to marry. “Yes yes” I will join up too if I can.  It is obvious you can join as you are my friend. I will not let you get away. The Princess and Marylou looked at the trees and to their surprise in the trees was the goblin guardian, he said “she is not yours”, the Princess said “she has became one of my Council and it means you can’t marry the pixie, and if you speak like that again you will get you thrown in jail”. Marylou and the Princess Usagi named Marylou as one of her Council, and this is the end of the story of Marylou the Guardian.


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