The Kings Duties: Chapter 1

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So there I am, in the bed chamber of some strange man. He has just left. The bed where he was lying is still warm, but, yet again, I’m alone. Didn’t even say goodbye! Fabulous, good going grace! You had a future husband going there. You have successfully secured yet another place for more heartbreak. Well done! You said you were going to take this one slow, not go lunging in for a kiss, he knows he cannot touch you, and would not want to betray the King’s faith. I suppose he had no choice, it was the King’s bidding, but if it truly is the Kings bidding, then why can he not do it himself? I only have to accompany the soldiers and higher members of the court, I don’t know why I make such a fuss, it’s not that difficult. I must sleep in their beds, but no man is allowed to touch me. It is a test, or so the King says, to see who is loyal to the King, but, oh well! what the heck, I’m a 21 year old woman, with worry lines and stretchmarks already, nobody would be interested in me anyway.
My parents gave me to the Royal Court of ridicule and I’m awaiting a proposal from a King or eligible bachelor, so far, no luck. All the King did was give my father good will that no man shall touch me. I suppose men want young pretty wives like my sister, so clearly I have no chance, I am far too old now, I should be bearing children by now. Oh well, you cannot change what the gods give you, you must accept and embrace them. At least that’s what father says. I don’t know why I have to live in my younger sister’s shadow, just because she married The Duke of Au Chauncey. “Well… it’s best not to dwell too much on your downfalls, but on your upsides” mother says.
My mother, Agatha, was a soldier’s daughter, and her mother, Mary, was strictly abusive. The family doctor had told her that the devil had cursed her for having a child out of wedlock and so she must punish her demon child for whatsoever reason possible, in order to kill the demon within. If she did not do as he told her, the child would be a curse amongst mankind, or so he said. Mary loved my mother and cherished her, she screamed internally as she punished her daughter for something as simple as accidentally dropping something and said that she was only doing it because she loved her. Agatha could never see this, and wondered why other children were not treated like this, and also, why other children had an education and she wasn’t allowed to go to school. She hated being treated differently, and longed for a friend. If any one kind enough came near her, when she was out in the garden doing needle work, her mother would send them away sharpish.
Agatha ran away from her home at 14 because she was sick of being tortured and felt unloved, she got a job as a nurse; helping the wounded from the wars with their illnesses, it was a good job apart from the constant chat up lines from all the soldiers. She was a beautiful girl and was 16 by then, quite mature, and grew up under the wing of one of her fellow nurses, Joanne, who had 3 children. Joane took favour to Agatha as she was only a child, she was a stout woman and Agatha was a lot taller than her, even at 16. She has frizzy black hair that almost covered her face, she had big beautiful hands which constantly helped and soothed all the fellow hospital attendants. She didn’t get wolf whistled or harassed by the soldiers, she was not ugly, in fact, quite beautiful, but the men regarded her as one of them, and respected her. She was a very optimistic person, and if something was wrong then it wasn’t wrong for long, as far as she was concerned. She always wore black as though someone in her family, a husband say, had died and every so often, when she was in her break, she would sit at the window and sigh, or talk to herself softly. Agatha could never see her sad at home, she had a nice house, a loving husband and her children always spoke with respect. My mother would catch her feeling quite down sometimes on their lunch breaks in the field outside the hospital. The hospital itself was cold and damp, and very often smelt of urine or vomit. Every day she would spend hours, heaving, going around cleaning the rooms out. The building was old, and had very many cracks in the walls, the beds clung closely together like an eternal blanket of beds with nothing but the dying bodies to keep them clinging together. Joanne had said she had been working there since she was 18 and was now 32. Agatha so greatly hoped she wouldn’t work there that long. She would need to find a husband soon, it’s no use marrying one of these sick soldiers, who knows when they could die? One thing was for certain, she must work until she had enough money, then buy her own house somewhere nice, and move out from Joanne’s house.
One night after her rounds, there was a man rushed into the hospital after having a sword jammed into his left leg, and it had gone infected. Since Joanne was at home, and nobody else working there had any experience in this sort of thing, Agatha felt the need to care for this man herself, and take upon herself to perform tasks for him. She dressed his wounds and cleaned them with sterilised solution. She gave him water, and within a week, he was conscious. When he finally awoke, he said to her “Dear sweet lord, are you an angel?”. She laughed and blushed and gave him some more water. She said to him “I think you are hallucinating, mister. I am nothing short of a young lady, maybe, but not an angel”
He said “but you don’t speak like us town folk, where is it that you come from?”
“Oh, just a small city, not much but I suppose I do miss it a lot.” He said nothing in response so she said “Nottinghamshire”
The expression on his face turned to an excited smile “You’re the missing girl, Agatha right?”
“I think you’re a little confused” she said getting scared. She was worried he was going to take her back to her old house. Her mother would kill her, literally! What would she do? She did have a lot of money saved up, but not enough to buy a house, not yet, she couldn’t run away. Not yet.
“Don’t worry” he said, seeing the afraid expression on her face. “I won’t tell anyone your secret. You wanted to run away, and you seem to have a lovely good life here.” A sigh of relief quickly came after this statement. “I’m Patrick by the way. Patrick Johnson”
“Thank you and very nice to meet you Patrick” she said softly smiling slightly, trying to overcome the joy of a kind man.
“Thank you! I’m pretty sure I would be dead by now if it weren’t for you, I owe you my full gratitude”
She walked away, smiling with great difficulty keeping the feeling inside her chest from screaming. She was so happy, someone at the hospital had talked to her, to her face! That night, she didn’t sleep. She spent all night thinking about this Patrick Johnson, smiling as she did. She felt excited, even though she had a small feeling that he wasn’t interested in her that way. She did have her doubts, but her excitement overcame all of those. She was certain this was her soul mate. She would marry him and they would have many children, and a beautiful house, in the country, with a garden! She had even thought about the names for these children, and what clothes she would make for them. She had two girls’ names chosen, Molly, and Lucy the same names she had called her dollies at home just 3 years ago. The next day she saw Patrick, he was walking on crutches and she saw a huge smile appear on his face as he saw her coming. He was very tall, exceedingly handsome, he had short black hair and glasses which made him look ever so sophisticated. He was very muscular and you could clearly see this through his tight army vest and blood stained trousers.
“I had these specially brought from London” he said passing her a bouquet of the most glorious red roses she had ever seen. She blushed redder than the roses and said;
“You are too kind sir; I was just doing my job.”
“When do you have lunch?”
“When I am free”
“Are you free now?”
This was it. She was going to have a proper conversation with a proper gentleman. And he wanted to talk to her now. She needed to scream but now wasn’t the time. She thought, she could just turn her back on all of this, all her work, just for an hour or so, and there were 10 other nurses there to look after the soldiers.
“Yes, I suppose so, but not for long” she giggled like a school girl and hated herself for that.
“Your smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Smile for me some more” she giggled trying not to smile. “Beautiful” he said.
They sat on the grass and talked about work, and all the places Patrick had been, and how he became injured. Then, they talked about each other. Agatha found that he was brought up in Scotland, but his mother had been forced onto the streets and died, so he had gone to London in hope of food, or love. He was 23 and had been engaged once, to a prostitute, but he did not know she was until the night before their wedding. She told him that she was 17 and about her mother being told that she was possessed and that she had run away because of this.
They sat there day after day, talking constantly about anything and everything. After about 3 months she was falling deeply in love with him and she knew it. She would confront him tomorrow and tell him. What’s the worst that could happen?
That very night, in bed, she was planning what to say to him in the morning. She heard her door creak open. Scared, she just laid there, hoping for whoever it was, to go. She felt her blankets be lifted on one side, and a person entered the bed. This person put his arm around her and cuddled her from behind. She could smell him. It was Patrick. She just lay there, shaking. What was he going to do to her? He lifted her hair from her ear and whispered
“I love you”
She turned around so she was facing him, and said “I love you too”. And they embraced in passionate kisses. She could feel him getting aroused while they were cuddled up kissing. She didn’t know what to do. Would she let him get what he wanted? But what if that’s all he wanted in the first place? Would he leave her? She wanted to stay pure till her wedding night, did she not? So many questions. He stared undressing her, undoing her nightdress. She didn’t argue, or hesitate, she had gone too far, she was in love and wanted to give him everything he wanted. Surely he had said he loved her? Wasn’t that enough to convince her? “Damn it woman! You have the man of your dreams here.”
He pulled off her nightdress, exposing her full untouched breasts. She cupped his face with her hands and leaned back, pulling her with him, he took off his nightshirt and long-johns, revealing his muscular chest and got on top of her. Somehow she knew exactly what to do. Still kissing him, she felt a slight pain then a certain flush of adrenaline. She wanted this man. He was hers. She was his. She felt secure, and gave everything to him. She felt like nothing in the world could stop them. That night she was going to tell him she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.
That morning she awoke with her head on his muscular chest. She was where she wanted to be. She was content. At last. Well, She knew she was no longer pure. But that didn’t matter. She was with the love of her life. She wasn’t going to go with any other man. Maybe she shouldn’t have given herself so easily. Patrick stopped breathing so heavily so she looked up. He smiled at her and gazed into her dawn-lit eyes. She wondered if he felt it too, the love that she felt so passionately between them. “Good morning” she said with a grin on her face, unbelievable of who was in her bed with her.
“Good morning beautiful. And how might we be today?”
“Well, I’m a bit peckish. You know, it’s not often a nurse sleeps with a patient. Do you think it’s allowed?” She mumbled, placing her head on his chest.
“Well, they’ve got to. I’d want us to. It’s not a crime for me and my wife to lie together.”
“Your wife? What?” she raised her head in deliberate confusion, with a huge inescapable smile widening across her face. She knew what was coming next.
“Will you marry me?”

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