The Life and Times of a Detached Youth Worker

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Prince’s Trust Placement finds out just what it takes!

During the week of January 24th, the Detached Youth Team were in the very lucky position of having a number of placements from the Prince’s Trust accompanying them for the week, to see what it took to be a Detached Youth Worker.

Myself and Ryan were lucky enough to have Cory Hoskins from Ferndale with us for the week and he took part in a number of activities which included meeting partner agencies, school work at Cymer Welsh, An insight into the areas in which we cover within the one cluster, and he also took part in 2 Detached sessions with us over the week.

He was a pleasure to work with throughout the week and took part in everything we asked him too.

I think I speak for both myself, Ryan and the Detached team as a whole in wishing him all the very best for the future.


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