The Life and Times of a Detached Youth Worker

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OK, I have been asked to post on here about the things that I’ve done, been doing and what I am thinking about. (Trust me…on the last one, you do not want to know…)

I’ve been working in two additional clusters, which are Pontypridd and Tonyrefail, in addition to Ferndale, so I can spread my unique brand of silliness to a wider audience. In the middle of this, I am delivering OCN’s to young people, supporting them in completing their CV forms, supporting them on other courses, dealing with referrals, running drop in during lunch times, completing essays for University (support welcomed, no matter how large or small) and generally driving my poor line manager absolutely nuts (please give Les lots of sympathy next time you see him) getting lost in the Tonyrefail cluster and getting dates and times wrong in my diary.

And that is before lunch!

What am I planning? Mischief, generally, but I also have time for a spot of work including supporting the Pontypridd Bike project, more drop in (young people cannot get enough!), annoying CF staff in Capel Farm (they are a fab bunch!), delivering more OCN’s, interview skills with young people preparing for job/college interviews, delivering a presentation with two co-workers, including the fab Charlotte and the brill Zoe on Monday to a Princes’ Trust group (who are on work placement with the team) giving Laura a headache with information overload regarding young people I’ve been working with, winding up Pontypridd High’s keyworker (a weekly must) and generally causing trouble and mayhem wherever I go.

When I get bored, there is always the trusty detached sessions three times a week to cheer me up!
The only issue I have is that I can’t wind up Ferndale Community School’s keyworker because she’s already on the same level as me…still there is always winding up Les…

(sorry Les, but this is what happens when I do not have any responsible adult supervising me.) I can’t remember anything else…my lil’ brain can only take so much before it wanders off to sit under a tree somewhere to smell flowers.

Remember peeps…if you enjoy your job, you will never have to work a day in your life.

PS: I am putting this under comedy because I could not find another relevant category.

Drop in sessions in Ferndale Community School are Monday and Friday 1-2pm during the lunch break in the community room. All are welcome on Mondays only for general mayhem and discussions. Fridays are OCN group only for, uh, OCN delivery 🙂

Ta ta for now (ish):)



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