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Chapter One
“Look love – no need for you to talk to me like that”, says the taxi driver, “I’m only driving you, I can’t determine what the traffic is going to do”. The red cab
is filled with a bad atmosphere, all from Tamara.
“You know what it’s like in Chiswick darling, should have got out of bed earlier”.
No-one talks to Tamara in this way; after all she is a smart, attractive, long legged business woman with bright red curly hair.

She eventually arrives at Channel 7SX to be interviewed for the Editor’s job for a ‘girly’ chat show. As she enters the office she mutters, “I will get this job, I am the best, everyone loves me”.

She enters the office where six people sit behind a big boardroom table. The office is very plush, all Tamara can see are the fabulous collectors items on the walls and cabinets, “Wow”, she thinks “this is where I want to be”.
The interview goes well and of course Tamara is now the new Editor of the show ‘The Mix’.

Chapter Two
The first day at the studios, Tamara is introduced to the people on the show.

Jody, she is in her 50’s, really funny, blond (dyed) hair, very short, not very small! Jody is married, four children, a very home loving person, all her time is spent with her husband and children.
“Morning Jody, my name is Tamara”, “I honestly think we are going to get on really well” she adds.
“Hi” says Jody, “I’ve really been looking forward to meeting you, I’ve heard so much about the brilliant ideas you have for the show”

Christie walks across the studio floor, where chairs seem to have reproduced during the night, where you can see dust through the brightness of the very sharp lighting. Tamara isn’t really sure how she feels about Christie, before she even meets her, it must be her long, straight, brunette hair. Christie is a very smart women, all the designer gear you can shake a stick at .Tamara is not happy with this!!
“Well you must be Tamara” end of conversation from Christie.
Tamara cannot stop but stare at her, her green shiny eyes, long lashes and dark red lipstick – those shoes, how can she afford them?
Tamara looks around and wonders where Siobhian and Bob are. She hears a noise and turns around to see two people giggling away surrounded by cameramen. They must be Siobhian and Bob, Tamara mutters under her breath. “What are they laughing about; it had better not be me”

Tamara calls them all to her office, cream shag pile carpet, so thick you could loose your shoes in it. The furniture, cream leather, soft with burgundy and red scatters cushions (strange combination but seems to work welll). The windows have vertical blinds, which are slightly closed to hide the bright shining of the sun. Mid June is always the best part, especially first thing in the morning when the sun is trying so hard to frighten the clouds away.
“Right everyone, morning. As you know, my name is Tamara, please find in front of you the contract and rules and regulations in relation to the way in which I expect this team to run.”
“The Mix is going to be a brilliant show, which is going to be excellent and very popular with the public. You all have your own different views.

Jody with you being a family women, you will be able to bring so much to the show in relation to family and children relationships and problems. “Christie” she adds, “I believe you are well up with the designer gear of the time, so all the fashion gossip will be good from you”. “And I also understand you are very ‘friendly’ with some of the top designers, this will come in useful!!”

“Siobhian, Bob” she adds “I believe you would be the best to talk about ‘clubs’, she emphasises, and up to date news from the celebrities, you two keep on dishing the dirt to keep ‘The Mix’ at the top of the ratings, she smiles.

Chapter Three
The show is going well; week after week the ratings are souring. The show is known for being witty, educational and a good time to spend an hour with a cuppa.
Tamara gets on well with Jody, but she can’t seem to understand how she can be so committed to her family, that’s all she seems to talk about is kids, kids, kids. Tamara spends so much of her time in the office or studio and she hardly ever sees her husband Tom. Jody is very popular with the public and audiences of the day, talking about family life, and her children always seems popular. All the letters she seems to get are usually problems in relation to children, what time should my children come in at night; how much pocket money; girlfriends/ boyfriends/relationships etc.

Christie, on the other hand, she feels doesn’t seem to give much away about herself, she is one of the most popular in the show with the public, having the most fan mail sent to the studio in sacks. Christie always knows the fashion of the week and the best places to buy, I seem to look forward to every day seeing what she will be wearing, she must have a huge wardrobe, I can imagine all colour co-ordinated with the shoes all stacked neatly underneath the matching clothing. Christie doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with the other members of the show; she seems to look down at Jody, as Jody is one of those who you could not dislike; she is so well liked by everyone from the cleaner to the director – jealousy perhaps!!

Siobian and Bob are hilarious, how do they manage to stay awake through the show, they are always clubbing, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Cheryl Cole, The Wanted, JLS and by all accounts Siobhian is very friendly with Miley Cyrus. They don’t seem to have a brilliant rapport with Christie, they don’t like the way she behaves.

“Have you noticed a difference in Tamara”, Siobhain says one morning. “She seems to have had a personality transplant, she doesn’t seem as friendly and
bubbly as she usually is, I wonder what’s going on”.

Chapter Four
It is early September and the summer season has been very kind to The Mix. Winning the award with ‘Its all about TV’, walking on the red carpet, being in the same room as the likes of Beckham, Chris Evans, Take That (even though this would not be new to Siobhian or Bob!!). It is now coming to the end for the autumn, returning (hopefully) for the Winter. Tamara has really changed; she seems more aggressive, bossy and doesn’t seem to be happy with anything they are doing on the show. The atmosphere is really changing when Christie is around.

One morning, Tamara awoke early with the rain lashing against the window pane, the wind howling. She went downstairs to pray that the very strong coffee would wake her. Tom wasn’t around; he said he had to work late for a while and leave early (even though Tamara doesn’t remember hearing him return home the night before. With him working for the magazine NOW, there would be times that everyone should have ‘all hands on deck’. Tamara arrived at the very large door to the office, it had a huge brown stained glass window at the top. Everyone seemed to stop talking and all trying very hard to carry on with their own lives, this, to Tamara, didn’t seem right, there was an atmosphere, something definitely was not right. She went into her office, threw off her shows under her desk, switched her laptop on to check on her numerous emails, and waited for her coffee and Danish pastry to arrive, this was the best time of the day for Tamara, as she never stopped for breakfast at home, and the lush very fattening indulgence would be the only meal she would have until evening.

She picked up her mail and out of the corner of her eye noticed something in the newspaper, or should she say, someone. It was Tom with Christie! They were caught by the Paparazzi in a night club. They seemed to be having a good time. As you can imagine that day didn’t turn out to be the best of the season.
Jody didn’t seem to do what Tamara wanted, Siobhian and Bob were brilliant with their gossip of the times in relation to who is doing what, but Tamara criticised them and Christie.

One more week left and three months off. Final show, which would involve a fun time, with a party following to celebrate their hard work and Chat show award with NOW magazine! Everyone made their way to their make up rooms and dressing rooms. The call was made that they all make their way to the green room to discuss the itinerary. Jody was the first person to arrive, dressed very Mumsy today, in her trousers and top. Siobhian and Bob were next arriving with Tamara closely on their
heels Where was Christie?

The floor manager went on a search looking for Christie, only to find her sat in her dressing room, head on the dressing room table.

Police arrived, first response, ambulance. Journalists, photographers etc all tried to fight their way to the front of the building, hoping they would be the first ones to get the best story or picture for their newspaper, magazine or website. It was a great shock for The Mix. Christie was a very popular member of the team. All except ONE PERSON, which is still a mystery?
The case is still ongoing, no leads, no evidence, everyone in the studio having an alibi

To be Continued

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