The Plan

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It was a typical winter afternoon in Chicago; cold and miserable. Miles was coming home from his six months away in Afghanistan. He had just been promoted to Captain so couldn’t wait to tell his fiancée, Nadine.

(Miles feels for the spare keys above the door frame and unlocks the apartment door to find his home very messy. He shuts the door quietly behind him to surprise Nadine who didn’t know he was coming home today.)

Miles: (excitedly) Honey, I’m home!

(There is an eerie silence; Miles walks around the house looking in every room looking for Nadine.)

Miles: Nadine, are you home?

(Miles pulls out his phone and dials Nadine’s number.)

(The phone rings and Miles follows the noise. It leads him to the bedroom. He slowly opens the door and finds Nadine face down on the pillow.)

Miles: Nadine, wake up, I’m home, come give me a kiss. I’ve missed you! Nadine? Can you hear me?!

(Miles walks with trepidation towards the bed trying to stay calm. He turns Nadine over to find a pool of blood underneath her. Miles gasps in shock.)

Miles: (His heart breaking) Nadine come on! Wake up! WAKE UP! Ok, Nadine, I’m phoning for help now, they’re on their way and they will help you. Just stay with me Nadine. Stay with me!

(Miles starts to pace up and down the room, crying, waiting for someone to pick up the phone.)

Miles: Pick up! Come on PICK UP! Hello, my fiancée has been shot. I don’t think she is breathing.

Operator: Ok, stay calm, what is your address?

Miles: I live in apartment 14 in block 5 on 134th avenue. Please help, I can’t lose her!

Operator: Ok, an ambulance is on its way. It will be there shortly.

Miles: Thank you!

(Miles puts down the phone and runs to the front door to open it. Miles anxiously waits for the ambulance.)

Miles: (He sobs) Please help, she’s through there please I-I-I-I can’t lose her!

Paramedic: When did you find her. How did you find her?

Miles: I came home about half an hour ago and I found her face down on the pillow, I turned her around because she didn’t answer me.

Paramedic: Ok, I will do everything I can to save her!

(After a few hopeless minutes of CPR the paramedic comes to a conclusion.)

Paramedic: I’m sorry, Mr Lousley; there is nothing I can do. She is dead!

Miles: What? NO she can’t be, try again, you might be wrong. Maybe she-

Paramedic: I’m sorry, I know it’s hard!

(The police officer arrives with a sympathetic look on his face.)

Officer: Mr Lousley. Could I ask you to come down the station and help us with our enquiries?

Miles: Yes, that’s fine.

(The officer and Miles leave the apartment.)

(Police station)

(Miles is sitting in the question room.)

Officer: I am Officer Copper. I am arresting you on suspicion of murder. You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not say something when questioned that you later rely on in court.

Miles: What? I didn’t kill her. I love her!

Police Officer: So why did you do it? Was it a mistake or did you do it intentionally?

(Miles angrily protests his innocence but the police think they have their killer.)

Officer: So what did you kill her with, eh? What sort of gun?

Miles: I’ve told you, I didn’t kill her and I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Officer: (Shouting at the top of his lungs and banging on the table) This is the pistol you killed her with!

Miles: (short pause) That’s my gun. I was given it in the army. I brought it home last time I came back. I left it in my bedside draw and told my wife to only use it in emergencies. That means she was in trouble. No one knew where it was apart from Nadine and I’m telling you it was not me.

(Miles was found guilty and was sent to prison for murder.)

(A few months earlier. Nadine, James and John are sat around a table.)

Nadine: Miles is coming home in a few months, what are we going to do. I want us to be together!

James: I have a plan.

(James starts to tell Nadine the plan but she is worried.)

Nadine: I don’t think it will work, what if we get caught?

James: We won’t get caught if we do it right. John is a great actor. He will be fine, won’t you?

John: Yes, I want you to be together, I know you love each other. I will tell Miles you are dead and he will believe me because who doesn’t believe a paramedic. Then, all we have to do is stitch him up and he will get sent to prison.

James: Exactly – his fingerprints will be on the pistol.

John: And I can get hold of some blood, don’t worry!

Nadine: So I just have to lie there on the bed?

John & James: Yes!

John: That’s all!

Nadine: Ok, let’s do it! If it means we can be together and be happy then I will do anything!

(Nadine and James kiss and John leaves the room, smiling, to give them privacy)

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