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This world is full of art! From the way a tree has grown, to the paint you put on a canvas! How the world has formed is an art in itself! Everything in this world is apart of art: animals, plants, humans, etc.
I don’t think many people appreciate art, I think nearly everyone in the whole world takes advantage of it more than once in their lives. If you think about it, I’m right because wherever you go, there is something to look at and admire, whether it’s a piece of litter on the floor or a magnificent landmark! How everything forms and falls naturally is a wonder, you could question absolutely anything! “Why is that there?”, “Why does it look like that?”, “Why were these invented?”…
Whenever someone goes somewhere, they don’t look at things in a certain way and this makes us not appreciate things. I think if everyone took the time to look and think about things and objects, they would understand what I’m trying to come across.
I took art for one of my GCSEs, and since then I have realised how I missed out on a different way of thinking about things before! Since I have been doing art, I have appreciated patterns, styles, nature and music more! (I know music isn’t something you look at, but it inspires me, and that’s why I mentioned it.)
I have been inspired by more than a million things since last year, and I am really glad that I have took the time to think about the world in a different way! It’s amazing because you realise how much you don’t recognise little things such as a pattern in concrete or bricks. You’re all probably thinking that I’m nuts noticing things like that, but I enjoy looking for an artistic view on things. It makes things more interesting and it makes you think about things in more detail…
I have become more involved with art and I don’t regret it one bit! I have learnt how to concentrate more and it helps with a lot of things! I have been doing better in school, for example.
My art teacher is the weirdest, but wonderful-est person ever! He taught me how to be patient and how to view things, and I look up to him for that so much! He’s been my biggest inspirer I have ever had, and I don’t think I will ever forget him and how he has changed the way I think. (He didn’t change me in a bad way, I chose to change, I wasn’t forced.)
He’s always teaching me how to experiment with different things and I’ve learnt so much from him! He always wants the best for people my age, and that’s why he became an art teacher!
I hope in the future more people will have the same realisation that I had… It was kind of like an epiphany! It is the greatest experience ever, and I don’t think it ever leaves you because I don’t think anyone can forget such a massive change in their life!
I hope you all read this and think about what I’ve said and shared with you guys, I write about my experiences a lot because I think they’re inspiring and great! I wouldn’t write about a random thing that wasn’t life changing for me… There’s no point! (Even though I’m doing it right now…. )
Thanks guys 🙂

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    I was literally just talking about art with my mother and a friend. I mentioned your art teacher (used to be mine) and how awesome he is. He’s so creative- unlike my… teacher (was going to say something there…) he’s a big inspiration and I wish I still had him as a teacher. I love how he says you don’t have to draw to be good at art- he’s quite right. I mean, it’s not all drawings and sketches. Photography, collages, abstract and all those things are counted as art. I feel so restricted in my lessons but with Mr W I felt like I could really express myself.

    Awesome article! Mind showing this to my teacher for me? 😉 x

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