The Radical Intro/Review: WWE Monday Night Raw 22/11/2010

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Hey everyone, this is your new member of the Wicid Community, RadicalRhys, and I’m showing this intro post before I go onto my main news article. I won’t say much about myself, since you’ll get to know me as I make more posts, however you will get to know what I hope to do while a part of the Wicid Website. As you can see from this article’s title, I will be posting a few articles on ANYTHING related to Professional Wrestling, whether that be of the two main televised wrestling promotions, that being World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or Total Nonstop Action (TNA), or it could be reviews from random matches from other promotions I can seen around the web, such as matches from Ring of Honor (ROH), Dragon Gate (USA or Japanese), Shimmer (for those pure female wrestling fans out there), whatever you can think of or want me to review revolving the Professional Wrestling world, I’ll do my best to cover that.

I’ll also hopefully be posting other articles on numerous other topics, which could include recently released computer games for the main consoles (PS3, 360, Wii, etc), work on my voice acting and how to improve yourself as a voice actor/actress (something I’ve recently acquired a passion for this year) and many more topics. However I’ve gone way off topic here and I’ll just skip straight to my review on last night’s WWE Raw shall I? =-P

Opening Segment
Basically the Leader of the group Nexus, Wade Barrett, along with his other Nexus members, entered the ring and Wade demanded a WWE Championship shot against the champion, Randy Orton, along with bashing the recently ‘fired’ WWE Superstar, John Cena. The anonymous General Manager, voiced by Play-by-Play Commentator Michael Cole, who speaks on the GM’s behalf via laptop link, agreed to the match for the main event tonight.
Not much to say except that Wade did his usual decent promos, but it’s great to see the crowd so lively during this time, great to see Wade get as much heat as he did, but that’s mostly cause of the Cena thing so you know.

Grade = 3/5

King of the Ring Qualifying match: Sheamus def R-Truth with Eve
Before the match began however, Michael Cole announced that there will be a new member of the broadcast team… que CM Punk! Great to hear/see the man back on TV, but to hear him on commentary for the forcible future, it will make my ears very happy. He already started by dissing R-Truth ‘Time to get Crunk’ song and Eve’s dancing abilities, or lack thereof, so he gets points already.

Oh also, new King of the Ring logo… GOD AWFUL compared to the last! But onto the actual match, very decent for what it was, Sheamus was working in his normal pace which he does a great job at doing, and R-Truth also shown a clean move-set as well. These two seem to have good chemistry and I wouldn’t mind seeing a match between the two of them again in the future, and the crowd seemed to be into it as well, more so than the actual venues that WWE has been to.

Grade = 3.5/5

Promo batch 1#
Seriously, lets not talk about the John Cena DVD and buildup for his farewell speech tonight, I don’t think the inner fanboy inside me can handle it, especially with that music in the background *tears* . . . that’s sarcasm in case no one noticed. __

Grade = 2/5

Nice to see Lay-Cool get owned by the new Divas Champion in Natalya, more Diva promos please, they deserve more and this is a nice change of things. By the way, Nattie rocks that belt, congrats again Nattie, YEAH BABY! 😉

Grade = 4/5

Santino always makes me lol, thought they would have scrapped the Santino/Tamina love angle, but I guess not.

Grade = 3.5/5

Another classic Randy promo, epic as usual, enough said.

Grade = 3.5/5

Ezekiel Jackson VS Alex Riley
Besides the mess up in the TLC promotion while Ezekiel was entering the ring, its different to see someone new getting a push, since Big Zek never really had a chance to boast about being the final ECW Champion while he got injured awhile back.

Punk was gold during this match, especially about the part of Riley ‘being under the influence’, since recently Alex was actually arrested on charges of Driving Under the Influence, which made me laugh as cruel as it may sound. X-D But either way pretty quick match, Zek literally squashed A-Rye like a piece of dough… see what I did there? ;-P A tidy showcase of Jackson’s strength, shame it won’t help him win the KOTR, but thats my opinion.

Grade = 3/5

John Cena ‘Farewell’ Promo
Couldn’t care tbh, he’s not really gone, but IF he’ll be gone for a small while, then I say good riddance to be honest, he’s held SO MANY people back from the spotlight its not even funny, always Cena this and Cena that, turning all his kiddy follows emo along with himself, although some of them going nuts over him losing on youtube it pretty damn funny to be honest. But oh well, he’s gone, but not really. Ever heard of the word ‘Kayfabe’? Well that will explain this storyline much more easier, tears or not. Lol that he got more ‘Cena Sucks’ chants, love those. X-D

Grade = 3.5/5

King of the Ring Qualifying match: United States Champions Daniel Bryan… with Brie Bella? def Ted BiDiase with Maryse
Of all the divas… why Brie, why Nikki who made her way to the ring after the match? I would have preferred Gail Kim escort him to the ring, would have given her more screen time since she needs it, unlike the Bella Twigs since they are beyond irrelevant. __ Either way, a quick match which saw a quick victory on Bryan’s part, glad that he won, although I would have preferred DIBiase win since he does make a better candidate for King of the Ring compared to Bryan, let’s be honest. And DiBiase needs all the support he can to get the crowd behind him, and not even Maryse is helping him do that, which is basically the reason why she is even with him anyway.

Grade = 3.5/5

WWE Divas Champion Natalya def Alicia Fox
Great to see a Divas match get a nice reaction from the crowd, sometimes WWE can pick really good venues, like these, and other times they can be terrible with little reaction, even for the main events, which is just terrible. Either way this is the Divas time and they might as well use it while they can, considering their state at this moment in time . . . oh is the match already? Damn I didn’t even get to finish typing my post, what was that… 1 minute or so? Oh wait its still going on… my bad.

Either way, nice to see new things from Nattie in terms of athletic ability, what with the backward roll into forward flip, but this was basically a match to tell everyone ‘Natalya is the new Divas Champion and this is how she done that, and why she is the champion’. Divas seriously need more ring time and promo time though, I know people these days won’t give anything a chance or they think that the women aren’t worth their time, which is somewhat sexist in my opinion, but they can pull out just as good matches as the guys can… IF given the time on mic and in the ring.

But hopefully tonight was a small step in the right direction with the Lay-Cool Cameo, and since the title is on a woman who can actually wrestle in the ring, its all the more better.

Grade = 3.5/5

King of the Ring Qualifying match: John Morrison def Tyson Kidd
No point in explain it, but it sweet to see the Morrison/Melina interaction backstage before this match, reminds me of their old MNM days… good times. ^__^ But to the actual match, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see Morrison in the ring, great talent, almost HBK like at times, but it’s even greater to see him in the ring with new talent, that being Tyson Kidd. The man was held back being a part of the Hart Dynasty with David Hart Smith and Natalya, and now that the group is broken apart, Tyson needs as much time by himself as possible, for that’s the best way to get himself over with the people, whether as a face or a heel.

But Morrison ends up winning, and along with Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus, they are the 4 superstars from Raw to be a part of the King of the Ring Tournament on next week’s 3 hour Raw special. The line up looks very solid in my opinion, although I would still prefer DiBiase over Bryan, even though I so like Bryan more. But either way, if I had to pick a winner out of the Raw lot… it’d have to be Sheamus, cause I just can’t picture anyone else being the ‘King of the Ring’, fitting that royal image and all that, that’s if WWE will give the winner that gimmick of course, which they should with (King) Sheamus, as it would make him more enjoyable in his promos and all that. I’ll do my best to review this Friday for the SmackDown as the other 4 qualifying matches for SmackDown’s part in the KOTR Tourney will take place then.

Grade = 4/5

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton retains against Wade Barrett
SO we get ourselves a Nexus ambush on Orton before the match starts, which is somewhat expected considering how Nexus operate and everything, seems Wade has the advantage going into the match at that time, and uses Orton’s injured knee to help him and even hitting The Wasteland on him, but it didn’t help him enough since Orton managed to retain after the interference from none other than WWE’s golden boy, John Cena… predictable. __

Grade = 3/5

However before Randy had a chance to catch his breath… ‘AWWWWESOOOOOOOME’ echoed the arena, and we soon see The Miz dash to the ring and catch in his Money in the Bank Briefcase, for real this time, as he gets an instant WWE Championship match against Randy.

WWE Championship Match: The Miz defeats Randy Orton to become the NEW WWE Champion!
The Miz basically used Barrett strategy of attacking Orton’s weak knee, and even thought Orton fought well in his physical status, the Miz managed to get the victory and win his first ever top championship reign within the WWE. I for one am overjoyed that Miz is the new Champion, but much like other people have discussed with me, it SHOULD have happened after the Randy/Barrett Title match on Survivor Series last Sunday, instead of that horrendous Cena ovation to end the PPV.

Oh and on a random note, the face on that first little girl when Miz won the title, OH MY LORD, that was so epic. She was clearly not amused. x-D

Grade = 5/5 (Yes I’m a Mizfit, get over it ;-P)

Overall Opinion?
But either way I say this Raw was one of the better post Pay Per View Raw in a while, since most of them pull out terrible matches and storyline build-up, this makes us all want to see next week’s Raw and I for one will do so, if I get the time of course. But I’ll keep everyone involved as much as I can within the world of WWE and professional wrestling in general. Hopefully this was a decent attempt for a first post in the site and I hope everyone can discuss this night of firsts with me also, along with any other news post I make within the site.

Overall Grade = 3.5/5

Hopefully this was Wicid enough to be posted and I hope you people like it enough for me to do it weekly or every so often. So until next time, Radical out. 😉

Oh and P.S, If anyone is new to Professional Wrestling or wishes to start to watch it, I might as well post the first part of last night’s Raw, the other parts will be on Youtube, like this video was.

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    RadicalRhys I would like to thank you! I used to be an avid fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, but I grew up and moved over to the Ultimate Fighting Championships :o) Your review has made me realise what I’ve been missing all these years. Thanks for your link too, I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day, sub-ed take over :o)

  2. Rhysins says:

    Thanks WICIDeditor, though I won’t explain the show as much next time since I was tired out after writing this. I’ll try my best to post more on ANYTHING Professional Wrestling, rumours IF possible, but you know, A Levels catching up, thought I’d try this out for my first time so see if I can do it in the future.

    Thanks again, here’s hoping it all goes well, and glad to be apart of the community also.

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