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Hello again all, and here we have another volume in the Radical Review of the WWE’s training development grounds show, known as FCW. Again this has been delayed as they were only recently uploaded online, so we are slowly catching up to the recent episodes, so without further or do, lets get this review done with!

FCW 15/Jack Championship: Seth Rollins retains against Damien Sandow
By the way, when I use (c) in my reviews next to a talent, this means they are the current champion. Now of course any match that is for the 15 championship, as you can imagine, has a 15 minute time limit, and with Seth Rollins as champion, you can always expect a solid performance from whoever he is in the ring with, and this match was no different. He actually got a good match out of Sandow, who usually doesn’t do much for me, but this time he bought more offense, like that turnbuckle single leg boston crab and how he kept rolling into it from counters. Amazing way to open this show, a massive difference from the week before for sure.

Raquel Diaz interviews FCW Tag Team Champions Calvin Raines & Big E Langston
This was actually a great promo, especially from Big E, considering I’ve NEVER been interested in him in the ring. Much like James Bronson from last week, it was something different in that typical FCW talent promo, maybe it’s his voice as well, but he got me interested in his story and how he delivered it. Shame the man can’t work in the ring like he does in that promo.

Maxine backstage segment
I really did not expect the woman to randomly have her position taken, but she rocked this segment, by actually USING emotion this week! She uses it most of the time and last week was an off night for her, but it looks like the ‘diva’ (actual word diva, not WWE style) in Maxine has been unleashed once again.

Leakee defeats Ricardo Rodriguez with Brodus Clay
As you can see in this match, anyone currently on the main WWE roster can still be apart of FCW if they can make the time to appear on there, but this mostly applies to those lowere in the card, such as the likes of Trent Barreta, Zack Ryder (WOO WOO WOO!), Curt Hawkins, Yoshi Tatsu, Brodus Clay, Ricardo Rodriguez, and all those likes of names.

But to the match itself, if you have seen Ricardo on the main television show he is the personal ring announcer (manager) of Alberto Del Rio and is basically the type of manager of who protects Alberto when at the most danger and distracts the opponents by pulling their legs or whatever. But when you look at him in FCW compared to WWE, you can see a bit of a difference, not so much in humour since he acts the same on both formats, but in the ring he can really surprise you, he sure down that to me in his debut in FCW awhile back. But in this match we have saw even more from him in terms of his in-ring work and he is very impressive. I really doubt he will win a title in FCW, but he can help put over some of the guys over there, and with his gimmick and in-ring style, his opponents would win big from defeating the man, much like Leakee did. He did the average showing in my opinion, but Ricardo stood out the most in this match in my honest opinion.

Raquel Diaz interviews Leo Kruger
Shame I haven’t heard this man on the microphone, he was made for it, despite his voice throwing me the wrong way. But again sometimes it is about the voice as it was with Big E and Bronson, but with Leo here, he strings his words in such a way with such confidence, that make you want to either cheer him on, or boo the heck out of him, and that takes charisma, which I believe this man has.

Miss Florida (aka Naomi) defeats Maxine (in seconds)
For those who don’t know, there is no Mr or Miss Florida officially on the roster, these are just short gimmicks to PO the heels in storyline form, which was the case with Bo Rotundo as Mr. Florida, and now Naomi as Miss. Florida.

Nothing much to say here except it looks like the dynamic duo of Maxine and Aksana are no more. Now we can either see a goofy face Askana once again as the champion and queen of FCW, or we can still see her heel persona which is completely the same. Hopefully she stays heel though, at least until she loses the title and crown. And before I carry on I know I said in my last FCW post that FCW matches are usually better than WWE’s matches, but this clearly isn’t a good example of that. This was just a way to embarrassed the character that is Maxine. But don’t you worry, there will be better action between FCW’s women, who are apparently the hottest women in the world all in the area of Tampa, Florida what, no Hayley Williams? (Yeah that’s right I plugged Paramore, I can do that)

FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship: Bo Rotundo defeats Lucky Cannon and wins the championship

Damien was managing for a short minute and got banned for interfering, but you’d know that if you watched the match. =-P The match itself was average, in my opinion it would have stood out more if it was longer, but even still it was decent enough to tell the story that it did, and that was that Bo Rotundo won the championship and became the first man to hold the championship more than once in his FCW tender (since his first 3 minute reign apparently counts). This was also to show that the FCW All Stars are no more and all the FCW goodies and such have won their show back for now. 😉

So let us finish this review up with the GOOD, BAD, aaaaand UGLY!

FCW 15 Minute Championship match (Best match of the night)
Ricardo’s in-ring action
Leo Kruger Promo
Big E Langston stands out in his promo
Maxine’s attitude in her promos

The divas matches getting 4 seconds of match time

Maxine’s ring attire and Lucky’s entrance robe (Oh come on I NEED to comment on something!)

How else do we finish up these reviews? The usual rating system! I’ll give this show a solid 8 out of 10, for there could have been improvements with the divas action, and also because nothing is ever perfect, unless something ‘OH MY GOSH, WHAT THE HECK, WOO WOO WOO!’ happens (another Zack Ryder plug), but in stars I’d say 4 out of 5.

So there we have it, another FCW review completed, looks like the newest episodes from the26th June haven’t been shown yet since FCW always airs on a Sunday, and usually gets uploads sometime between Tuesdays and Thursday on YouTube, unless they haven’t been uploaded in which case, they aren’t but here’s until we see the next FCW review, this is Rhys signing off. 😉


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