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Hello you crazy people, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? If you don’t remember my unforgettable article reports from the past (you know I’m being sarcastic here right?) then you should know I posted an article or two reviewing some of the WWE television tapings of their main television shows, that being Monday Night Raw, and Tuesday Night NXT (of course by the time I posted about this it was cut from TV and put on the website instead, and still is). But I haven’t been able to post anymore since then due to coursework, exams, revision, and family and health scares. But I am so relieved to say, I AM BACK! And what a way to kick off my return than bring back The Radical Review articles!

So before I continue with my latest articles I might as well tell you all what you can expect from this feature exclusive to Wicid.TV from yours truly. You will expect reviews of not just WWE reviews, but reviews of any professional wrestling television show that I am able to review in any possible way, could be TNA shows, Ring of Honor when that gets brought back at the end of September, heck even Indy shows from DVDs I bought such as the all-women’s wrestling promotion in England known as Pro Wrestling Eve or anything else that I have had the pleasure to watch (of course WWE isn’t ‘wrestling’ anymore but you get the idea ;-P). I may also review any recently bought console or computer games, or even the old classics if I feel like diving into the good old nostalgia that is my childhood. You can also expect anything related to voice over work as I am currently training to be a voice actor, more as a hobby than a profession but even still (I’ll be sure to explain more on this in future articles). But to cut it all short you’ll definitely expect more from me that two almost forgotten news articles that’s for sure. x-D

So now onto the current topic that I have to post about, and that is reviewing the return of the WWE’s Raw Roulette in their 27th June 2011 edition of Monday Night Raw! For this format I will quick review what I thought of all the matches, promos and segments (spoken segments throughout the show by the talent) and anything else that it worth mentioning about the people apart of the particular topic of the night. So enough of the forth degree, let’s get this thing started!

Special Guest Host Shawn Michaels and CM Punk with New Nexus promo
A nice little exchange between these two kings of the in-ring promo, a got a little giggle from the ‘anymore’ after Michaels mention he doesn’t do drugs, but even still, it was a classy way to open the show by having the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship rip into the Hall of Famer in a sense. Speaking of classy if anyone is interested in seeing animals being slaughtered on live television, I guess Shawn’s show is just the thing for you. 😉

Kane (Mystery Opponent) defeats CM Punk
Nothing particularly special to comment on, it was decent enough for the time it was given, and I could clearly see the ring out ending before the bell rung in this Mystery Opponent match.

Sin Cara defeats Evan Bourne
This is a nice way make up for the mix up of fan voting from last week’s show when Wales’ own Mason Ryan ended up facing Evan Bourne, but even still we got a No count out match between two of the best high flying superstars in the WWE, with Sin Cara’s porno lighting included. =-X The ‘Power Ranger’ chant was lol-worthy for sure, these WWE crowds sometimes I swear. For the hype this match has got since last week, it wasn’t exactly the best thing I’ve ever seen, I mean Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan had a better match on SmackDown all those weeks ago but even still this was quite the match and at least we all got to see it now.

Kofi Kingston defeats Dolph Ziggler
The match itself was quite well done, can’t really comment of anything bad about the in-ring work since these two always put on a good matches, but something ticked me off before it even begun, and that came from play-by-play commentator, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler by simply making a remark that Vickie Guerrero has ‘gained more weight’. If anyone watches WWE, you will know that Lawler was disgusted when The Bella Twins get commenting on how, quote, FAT, unquote, WWE diva Kharma may be, while with Vickie Guerrero, who has CLEARLY lost so much weight all of these years, and is much smaller than Kharma, he ends up calling her fat! I really can’t think of a good explanation other than Vickie turned down one of his ‘weight loss exercise sessions’, in character of course. 😉

Before I comment on the next match, I must say that if the result of the spin of the roulette wasn’t what it was, I would have rather liked to have seen Del Rio and Maryse as an on-screen couple. Anything to give Maryse a bit of exposure as a valet, since she’s barely doing anything since ted DiBiase brought her down in that pairing.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Big Show
The match itself wasn’t all that memorable if I’m completely honest, plus it was more or less overshadowed by the new destructive force that Mark Henry has turned into. If I’m completely honest, I have never been a Mark Henry ‘mark’ or anything, when he was Sexual Chocolate, when he returned during that angle with Batista and MNM, or any other time we was heel or face but now, Mark has this new aggression to him that is making me more interested in his segments.

Kelly Kelly defeats Nikki Bella with Brie Bella
This was a little surreal as the divas of the WWE don’t have submissions except for a two or three of the women in the entire company, but still, at least it wasn’t a pillow fight, keeping it PG WWE. ;-P Of course the match was barely a minute, typical divas match, but it was lol-worthy to see Kelly Kelly, of all people, to pull off a Lion-tamer like boston crab. Of course my once in a blue moon praise for the woman goes away when the new divas champion acts like the defenceless barbie ragdoll, which Kelly is, and gets attacked by the Bellas nice way to make your champion look strong WWE! *sigh*

Nice touch by WWE of keeping WWE Tough Enough revival winner, Andy Leavine in the main picture for a little bit, keeping him relevant for a little while longer while he trains down at WWE’s developmental centre, FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling and yes I’ll review these shows as well when I get to see the recent ones), and somewhat surprising after hearing all the backstage heat the man has got from one person in particular for ‘not selling’ a 65 year old slap properly yeah, okay.

Nice little cameo by former WWE & WCW star, Diamond Dallas Page aka DDP, he has barely changed since so many years ago.

Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley defeat The Miz & Jack Swagger
Haven’t seen a WWE Tornado Tag Team match in a while, so this is a nice little change of pace since it made the match a little bit fast paced to begin with, which is always good in my eyes. Riley doing a Shelton Benjamin by jumping straight to the top rope was a nice site, though I can still see this on Ring of Honor.

R-Truth defeats John Cena
The match was somewhat average, not average predictable John Cena average though not as much anyway. But it only got interesting when Punk interfered and R-Truth speared Cena through the table and winning the match, showing that Cena should NOT be shown as the invincible superman type of character every single week.

CM Punk post promo
Ladies and Gentlemen THIS, is why CM Punk is so AWESOME! And if anyone should know me, I have a pity HATE for using that word since it is so overused in today’s society, it has lost the meaning of what the word actually means. In my mind, the word ‘awesome’ should ALWAYS stand for a person being struck in expressing and inspiring AWE, like a OMG Johnny bravo mouth drop kind of moment, not how it is used to this day and age as slang for, ‘really good!’. But either way, promos like this are so rare in WWE, especially to hear him mention New Japan pro Wrestling, and RING OF HONOR of all promotions, and WWE doesn’t mention their completing like others do constantly, *cough* TNA *cough*, let alone associating themselves with WRESTLING, since they are ashamed of the fact that they are a wrestling company these days. But still, this promo makes you think that Punk has gone on all the rumour sites and listened to all the different people’s opinions in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) and just spoke from each and everyone’s hearts. Now does he mean all of this from himself, no but what he mentions about the likes of a Paul Heymen, Colt Cabana, Brock Lesner, John Laurinaitis (woah, this thing got real!… I believe he’s in talent relations for the WWE), even using a particular swear word which WWE had a bad job of editing out, clearly! Vince being dead to make the company better (He went there!) But It’s such a shame it was cut, cause I wanted to hear the bully campaign story before it was cut, way to leave us high and dry right?

Now I’ll review the overall show in a second, but it was recently revealed, a hour or even less after Raw had been off the air, that WWE has ‘suspended CM Punk indefinitely’, and after I heard this I though. Yeah it’s a work. And for those who doesn’t know what that means, it’s basically wrestling lingo for an angle that is made to make the people wondering by doing particular things, an example being last year during the first attack of the original Nexus stable, when Daniel Bryan spit in John Cena’s face and chocked ring announcer Justin Roberts viciously with his neck tie. From this he was ‘fired’ from the company (this happened in early June, the 11th I believe), but three months or so later, he returned to WWE on the Summerslam Pay-Per-View event. Now you can say this may have been a work to try and calm down the press for the tie chocking incident as it visually upset so many families around the world, but it got fans around the world furious, as it has done now, but they always found a way to turn things around (it’s always the former Ring of Honor talent, hmmm I detect a pattern!)

But still he’s suspended now or so you would believe. Now I won’t spoil anything, but don’t you worry your pretty heads about this because Raw taped an early non-live episode set for next week, and let’s just say these issues with CM Punk will be cleared up in no time.

So I’ve rambled on for so much now I NEED to finish this review as quick as possible (unless you all like it this way then in which case I’ll say this later), so I’ll quick say that for a raw roulette show (which is mostly rigged half of the time but we all knew that, right?) it was a decent show, not a single BAD match, just forgettable if you didn’t watch it. So I’m just going to do a quick Good, Bad, and Ugly check list for this show.

CM Punk End of show promo
Mark henry assault on Big Show
Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley VS The Miz & Jack Swagger (even better than Sin Cara VS Evan Bourne in my opinion)
Sin Cara VS Evan Bourne

Making Kelly Kelly looking like a weak champion on the first week as champ

Jerry Lawler continuing to make ‘fat’ remarks towards Vickie Guerrero
CM Punk suspended angle (it is still causing controversy even as you read this very review)

And finally, to rate the entire show as it was… I’d give it an 8/10 or a possible 4 star rating if you prefer me rate the show that way.

Now as this is my first review back I’d really appreciate it if you could comment on how I have wrote the review. Was it too much? Was it NOT ENOUGH?! (I can’t see how it wasn’t to be honest!) Did you like my writing style? The Good, Bad and the Ugly? Do you like the 5 star rating more or would you rather the mark out of 10? But whatever you vote, I plan to do this for most of the pro wrestling reviews that I will do my best to do weekly, in fact I do believe I FINALLY saw the latest FCW tapings being uploaded on YoTube today, so it looks like you’ll be getting something more today or tomorrow perhaps. But thanks again everyone, it’s great to be doing this again. =-D


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