The Radical Review: TNA HardCore Justice 07/08/11

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Hey all hope you’ve all been keeping well. Had a good weekend? Yeah, well let’s make your week start TERRIBLE with a review of the professional wrestling company known as TNA, or Impact Wrestling, whichever it is these days, and their ‘HardCore Justice’ Pay Per View event. Now normally I wouldn’t even think of review TNA shows, because 8 times out of 10, they are usually pretty bad and more, but I got to think of the lack of 0/2 viewers of these reviews and try to keep them happy, so with all that said, let’s get this thing done so I can do more important things than watch TNA, like reading and I loathe reading, oh so very done and dusted with.

TNA X-Division Championship
Brian Kendrick retains against Alex Shelly and Austin Aries

You would expect the match to be pretty bad after listening to that entrance theme of Brian Kendrick, I could have sworn that this was used to start off my prom a few weeks ago, I mean it’s just as bad as some of the stuff the DJ started to play. Maybe it’s a track Justin Bieber is working on; it attracted the ear-screeching fan girls that’s for sure. But bad music aside, the match itself was a decent enough opener, it started off a bit slow when Austin wouldn’t get involved with the match, but when he started to get more involved, it sped up a little. Nothing much to complain about, except for Brian’s new music, attire and his adoring fan girls who just need to be slapped ASAP, but still a nice way to open the Pay Per View, that much I can admit.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Tara & Miss Tessmacher retain against Mexican America (Sarita & Rosita)

Despite the pre-match promo of the champions not making the build-up to their match (or lack thereof), the actual match itself was also quite decent. Tara was good as usual, Tessmacher is getting so much more used to the ring since her days as a stripper from her WWE run, who would have thought that she would be getting this good in the ring having doing it for such a short time. I always love me my little red hot chilli pepper I mean Rosita not the actual music band, I like that she did more in this match than she normally does on the weekly Impact shows. And of course massive props go out to Sarita for continuing to wrestle while her face is still physically paralyzed, the REAL reason why she is wearing a mask.

Bound For Glory Series Match
‘The Pope’ D’angelo Dinero defeats Devon

Can’t really say anything bad about this match, other than those darn fan girls. 1 word for you girls tampons, they do wonders for you. =-X But the match was all decent, even the pre-match promos were done quite well. Not sure how this storyline can really advance any further other than for The Pope to randomly attack Devon’s sons, but I doubt that would happen straight away.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Winter with Angelina Love defeats Mickie James to become the NEW Knockouts Champion

Watching this match I originally started to compare it to their match during their WWE run, when Winter was going under the name Katie Lea Burchill and they fought for the Women’s Title at Night of Champions 2008. But then I thought that you can’t compare something from one place to another as both have different(ish) characters, Mickie is still perky but loves the Country in TNA, while Winter is still paranormal, but here she has a fetish for skeletons with blonde wigs. Only joking (even though Angelina serious needs to eat more and get some muscle on her, I fear for the woman’s health!), I’d say the tag team match was better, but only because everyone fought while in all honesty, Angelina fought Mickie more than Winter did, and while I know it’s all about their team and characters, it still doesn’t give Winter enough of a chance to show everyone what she can do in the ring, even though she has gotten stale over time in my opinion. Some people I know didn’t like the ending, but I liked having the mist finish the match, even though I’m a tad upset that Mickie lost though, mostly due to me predicting her in a contest, and I lost because of that. I should have used my head and not my heart this time around, oh well, we still got ourselves a new WILD Knockouts Champion! (It’s a reference I’m sure no one here will get it)

Before I review the next match, I got to say, GREAT CALL by Austin Aries calling Brian Kendrick homeless in the promo after the Knockouts Title match, he even dresses it these days. =-X

Bound For Glory Series Match
Crimson defeats Rob Van Dam with Jerry Lynn

Despite the disqualification finish, this was the best match of the night so far. Crimson has started to really grow on me as a talent, he’s doing more than I expect a guy of his size to be doing, and of course RVD is as he calls himself, the Whole BLEEP’ing Show, or something similar, you know what I mean. I expected a worse match that’s for sure, but these two really meshed well together, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of a longer match between these two again in the future.

Average promo by Anderson, except for the way in how he pronounced ‘Freaking’, or should I say ‘Fricking’. If by paying total disregard to how the word is actually pronounced in proper English and making sound so filthy is a part of his character, in that he is being an ‘asshole’, then he gets 12 stars out of 10… by the way this is my type of sarcasm for those who didn’t quite get that.

Fortune (AJ Styles, Daniels & Kazarian) defeat Immortal (Abyss, Gunner & Scott Steiner)

A fairly good match for a 6 man tag match, I didn’t get lost in all the tags so that’s a good sign. The crowd clearly overreacted with the table spot, was there really any need to chant ‘HOLY (you know what!)’, mind you, they’re in Florida. (Yes I have a problem with wrestling shows in Florida, problem?) Besides that, nothing much went wrong in the match, and even when Daniels messed up that springboard spot, he covered it up nicely with that side kick, nice improv to be fair.

Another classic Bully Ray promo after that match, very comical as well. THESE types of American accents are the types I adore. Chicago, New York, these types I can’t get enough of but Florida? Not my type of fans, which you can clearly hear from the crowd tonight. Overreacting, screaming like it’s a Music concert and not a wrestling Pay Per View, all this and more frustrates me about Florida. Maybe if I went there I might change my opinion, but until (if) that day happens, they get big thumbs down from me. Now where was I?

Bully Ray defeats Mr. Anderson
A classy little fight between these two, there was wrestling involved sure, but this was more of a fight than anything else, and this was a nice change of pace from how the rest of the night went so far.

Nothing much else to say about the Immortal promo with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff making their appearance of the night. Ray made the promo enjoyable in all honesty. It looks like Abyss might be going for a face (good guy) turn, he does work as a better psychotic face than a psychotic heel (bad guy).

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Beer Money (James Storm & Bobby Rude) defeat Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarquia)

In all honesty, by this point I got totally bored, and while the matches themselves were all decent to this point, including this match, they weren’t good enough to keep me interested. By this point I just stopped the PPV and started to play some soothing Paramore and Pendulum to make things much better for me. But again the match itself wasn’t so bad (except for Anarquia’s selling =-X), and while I predicted for Mexican America to win the match, I’m glad they didn’t as of right now, they don’t seem like a credible tag team or stable right now. They haven’t truly done anything to make me be interested in them other than bring in the spiciness that is Sarita and Rosita. (Yes I like women for looks AND talent, is that a crime?)

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle defeats Sting and becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Not as spectacular as TNA hyped up, but then again when TNA says something 9 times out of 10 it means the exact opposite, and they mostly speak highly of themselves. That’s not saying this was a bad match, since I expect this to be an average Angle/Sting match, not the best they will ever have, and luckily it was better than average so I was happy in the end. Even the screw job ending was a nice change, of course when you look at that you can only imagine that Angle will soon be a part of Immortal which also holds Jeff Jarrett, the man Angle had feuded with for nearly half a year while Angle ex-wife, now Jarrett’s, Karen is also with them, so if he were to join Immortal, it would kind of make that whole storyline completely worthless but hey, that’s typical TNA booking for you.

What also angers me about this whole situation is not the fact that Angle won the belt, but the fact that he beat Sting for it when Sting only held the belt for 27 days, and before Sting held it, Ken Anderson held the belt for 29 days. There have also been recent reigns that have been held by Jeff Hardy, which only lasted for 11 days, and 35 days again by Anderson. It’s just the fact that the main world championship title in TNA/Impact Wrestling is more or less viewed as a hot potato and is being constantly given to superstar after superstar in such short runs. This isn’t the TNA Knockouts Title, nor is it the WWE Tag Team or Divas titles. This is their MAIN CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE, and they should treat it as if it was but again, typical TNA booking, expect nothing less from them.

Now that we got the match reviews done, it’s time for the regular review feature which we all know as the Good, Bad and Ugly!

Decent in-ring work from most to all of the matches tonight
Miss Tessmacher’s in-ring improvement
Austin Aries calling Brian Kendrick ‘Homeless’
Crimson’s in-ring improvement
Bully Ray’s promos

Matches felt too repetitive and I started to lose interest quite quickly
Lack of in-ring work from Winter
ANOTHER Less than 30 title reign for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

TNA fan girls – I’m sure they got lost towards the next Justin Bieber concert or something, or maybe TNA secretly lied to them saying he was there just to get people to come to their show =-X
Brian Kendrick’s new theme music and ring attire – His attire SCREAMS Sabu rip-off/homeless dweller on the streets, and that music! This adds to his collection of bad TNA music, which is basically ALL of his TNA themes. I actually feel sorry for him, Little Brian just can’t catch a break can he?
Sarita still wrestling while in a paralyzed state – let the woman recover for heck sake, they might actually be making the situation worse if she continues to perform for them, even with that protective mask
Pronunciation of particular words – ‘Anderson’ not ‘ARGHnderson!’ (He’s no pirate), ‘Freaking’ not ‘Fricking’ being a part of TNA in any capacity must leave your mentally impaired or something, heck I’ve even started to repeat these words like they do sometimes! It’s like a disease, my sanity is melting away!!
Disqualification finishes and interference factors in matches

And to top it all off, time for the regular rating system, and since no one has commented enough to decide on which they prefer, I guess I’m going to have to do both of them starting, starting with an out of 10 ratings so I’ll give it 6/10, It was decent enough for the ring work, but there were quite a few things wrong underneath all of that in-ring psychology. And out of starts I’d say 3/5.

So there we go, TNA HardCore Justice is officially done with, and who knows, maybe this post will actually get more views than the actual Pay Per View does. =-X I seriously need to tone down my dislike for TNA, it’s just too easy NOT to dislike them these days! But we do have something else to (hopefully) look forward to this weekend as the WWE’s biggest event of the Summer, Summerslam hits Pay Per View then, so you should expect a good review for me by then as well. So until then I’ve best be going ciao!

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