The Radical Review: WWE Money in the Bank 17/7/11

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Hey again everyone, before I start this review of the latest Pay Per View event from the pro wrestling/sports entertainment company known as WWE, I’d like to briefly apologize that I haven’t been able to stick to my promise of posting weekly articles and reviews of all the latest shows involved in the professional wrestling business. There is simply too much to cover on a weekly basis, and if I continued to do this I would only end up disappointing many viewers with not staying to my words. Mind you I don’t think many people mind considering I get zero comments about the shows anyway.

However that doesn’t mean I will stop posting reviews, instead of doing it weekly, I will only review the latest Pay Per View events, which usually happen once a month for different companies, such as this review of WWE’s latest Pay Per View Event known as ‘Money in the Bank’. I will also do my best to review any particular independent wrestling promotion if I get any DVDs or if I ever get the nerves to go to a live event of anything in the future, but until those things happen, I’ll be more than happy enough to cover the latest PPV events of the main three wrestling promotions, that being WWE, TNA and ROH. But I’ve dragged this on more than it was needed to be, so with that said, let’s get on with the show!

SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
What a way to open the show, MY GOD! A bit of a classy, yet dangerous way to send Sin Cara off TV for awhile for sure, because if no one has heard yet, Sin Cara has been suspended for around 30 days due to failing a Drug Wellness Policy Test, mostly likely due to roids since the man did look a little too big for his size. Hopefully he won’t be written of WWE TV because of this though after his suspension as other ‘rumours’ are going around. This match was a good way to showcase all of the younger talent on the SmackDown roster and they all brought their A game, especially Bryan, never expected him to win the briefcase, most people I’ve talked to about the PPV didn’t expect it either, we all bet on Sheamus or Barrett.

Kelly Kelly w/ Eve Torres VS Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella
This match could have brought down the mood of the PPV, although I’m sure most people in the arena went to the toilet, and I would have gone too in all honesty, and I watch most of the goings on out of the divas matches. This was basically a regular raw divas match but on PPV, and it even had its regular botched move include, that being the legless head scissors, if anyone was half asleep and missed it. Also noting the misconnection with other moves in the match, this was a real letdown on both women, they had the chance to bring everything they had in this PPV match, and they dropped the ball big time. WWE’s diva division has gone down ever since Kharma has been on maternity leave, hopefully from this match and the lack of crowd reaction those in the back can actually see that these two women, at least when worked together, don’t deserve to be in the main championship picture to represent their women, at this moment of time anyway. And they can give women like Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Natalya, the chance they deserve but I’m not going to hold my breath. What also killed it a little was not seeing Eve attack Kelly after the match, because that’s the only real reason why she could have been out there, giving the woman a bit of character for once in her career would have been nice, but that’s so hard to do these days am I right?

Big Show VS Mark Henry
The match itself, it was better than the divas match, but that’s not really saying much. I mean the match wasn’t great, there were some moment that made you facepalm yourself, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought, especially considering I knew the match would slow since we have around 800 pounds in that ring. it would be. The opening video promo hyping up the match was very well done to show the animosity between the two man, for the short time they have been feuding. It also makes Mark look like a pure monster, which is a plus as it makes him look that much more powerful Similar with the slow paced finishers at the end of the match, along with the assault on Show after the match, I got to give WWE credit where its due, they are really doing a good job at making Mark Henry seem like one scary guy. Now for two funny bits involved with the match though, I’m sure they didn’t, but I mixed the commentators words around when Henry landed his finisher and made them say, ‘Holy Sh-’, that made me giggle, along with the Chicago crowd chanting ‘CM Punk’ while Big Show was just limping on the WAAAAMbulance.

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Very comical for me to start off with all the ladders, a very different way to start a ladder match that’s for sure. The match itself wasn’t as good as the opening SmackDown MitB match, but this too wasn’t as bad as most made it out to be, they were probably upset that The Miz got taken out so early, I mean so was I, but the match was still pretty entertaining either way. Thought when everyone was up grabbing for the briefcase, I would have LOVED to have seen their faces if it just fell! Maybe one day

Randy Orton VS Christian
A nice little match between these two, most people are saying this was the best match these two have ever had, but I believe that’s only because Christian won. But even though I’m glad he’s the new champion, daft disqualification stipulation aside, I don’t think it was their best match they’ve had, maybe they will have more, and with the way that match ended, which was interesting to say the least, I expect at least one or two more matches between the two. But hey, anything to make this a good fued will get a thumps up from me for sure, let’s just hope Christian himself isn’t screwed out of the title like he was when he won it in April/May time.

John Cena VS CM Punk
This is a match of the year candidate; I knew that at the beginning, but wow, I didn’t expect so much from Cena in this match! He actually did more than 6 moves, the unthinkable has happened, hell has frozen over! The same applies to CM Punk actually getting a CLEAN PINFALL VICTORY over the man, it looks like he’s the kryptonite to Super Cena since he did cleanly beat did once or twice before in the past. The crowd was unbelievable in this match, quite similar to the Hammerstien Ballroom on the ECW One Night Stand 2006 (maybe) PPV with Cena facing against Rob Van Dam. Very similar reactions to that, and I have a small feeling that they may have actually rioted if Cena retained his title, they seem to sort to do that, as you could hear from them.
But either way, a really good in-ring match (I still can’t believe I said that when Cena is involved, respect the man enough and all), fantastic story-telling, AMAZING crowd, everything a match of the year should have.

Now that we have summed up this Pay Per View event, its that time again, for the GOOD, BAD and UGLY!

Opening SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Big Show-Mark Henry Hype package
Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Randy Orton VS Christian
John Cena VS CM Punk (Crowd, in-ring, everything!)

Everything involved with the Divas Match

Botches I won’t too specific (most of the divas match, etc most of the divas match), but whenever they occur, it always makes something look awkward

So now its time to rate the show as a whole, and if I were to rate it out of 10 I’d say 9.5/10, as nearly everything in the Pay Per View was decent to brilliant (do I need to say what wasn’t?), and also for the fact that even though nothing is ever perfect in the world, something can come pretty damn close. And out of stars, 4.5/5 for sure.

Again, I truly apologize for the huge delay in reviews, I’m lucky I done this one seeing as I got my prom to prepare for on Friday, but I care just too much to leave you all without a little something. 😉 So until next time every, so long, and seeing as we are nearly there, let the Summer Holidays begin! (even though I’ve been on mine since June 24th not that I’m bragging mind you, lol)

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