The Radical Review: WWE Tuesday Night NXT 23/11/2010

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So it looks like my first ever Radical review got approved, so I though why not do another, and what better topic than yet another WWE show, only this time we focus on the internet exclusive (to the US anyway) show knows as NXT. Wrestling and Diva fans grab a seat; get a nice drink and maybe a few tissues, cause this is going to yet touchy, in more ways than one.

A quick recap for those who don’t know, NXT is a show that is looking for the next breakout star within the WWE, or in this season’s case, the next breakout Diva, as the final three contestants for Season 3 of NXT are the ever so bubbly AJ, the athletically gifted Naomi… and Kaitlyn. =-X However on this show, one of those 3 beauties went home, but which one you ask… watch the youtube vid shown and watch the whole show to find out, or read my review, won’t take as long of course. 😉

Opening Segment: AJ wins WWE trivia Challenge
No surprise AJ won the contest, shows how much she wants her spot on the main roster, could do without the horns though, once was enough, twice was overkill, but a third or fourth time now? Ugh. Also glad to see Cole is dragging Josh down with him to the point about ignoring the women of NXT, not like people pay attention to the divas anyway right? __

Rating = 3/5

Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella def Kaitlyn w/ Vickie Guerrero
Not so much into the wrestling, Kaitlyn did show too much to judge, and Nikki was average. I was more interested in Nikki’s attitude change from good girl on Raw, to the evil twin on NXT, keep this woman as a heel period, she works so much better as won, will actually make the Bella’ more interesting anyway.

Rating = 2.5/5

There was next a recap of Cena’s farewell speech, but if you already seen my Raw Review from this week then there no need to discuss that. ;-P

AJ w/ Primo def Naomi w/ Kelly Kelly
This match was CLEARLY the best Divas match of 2010, it got decent time, both women were spot on with their moves, I mean divas fans around the web have been waiting ages to see these two square off in the ring on television instead of watching them down on FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental facility, not a main televised show) since these women have put on really good matches down there whether it for the Queen of FCW Crown or the FCW Divas Title, but I truly believe that this match has exceeded most of our expectations, and I’m glad it did.

You want more proof the match was that damn good? Michael Cole said that it was that good… MICHAEL COLE! The woman who has been disrespecting this series of the show since it began, and if he’s saying its good, then you know something is done right, considering he has Vince screaming in his ear the entire night. But either way the man was right, best match of the season, hell they did a better job than all of the main roster divas this year, so I HIGHLY suggest you guys watch this match, a nice way to spend 5/6 minutes of your free time that’s for sure. Both are amazing talents that should be on the main roster regardless of the outcome of this season, good in the ring, on mic, charismatic, they have what it takes to be the full package, AJ IS the full package IMO, but more on that later tonight.

Was there any true dislikes? Not really, but I have personal ones, such as Carrot Carrot (my nickname for ‘Smelly Kelly’, also another one, thank you Lay-Cool) yelling on the apron, ‘COME ON NAOMI!!!!’ Will she ever finish hitting puberty? =-X Also the somewhat lack of crowd reaction, they could have been louder. But that doesn’t matter, what mattered was what happened in the ring, and I was more than satisfied that’s for definite. If only the match was longer…

Rating = 5/5

Kaitlyn wins Last Sumo Standing Challenge
Nothing much to say here, pointless segment to get a cheap laugh out of us, however it failed since I didn’t find any of it funny to be honest, even Kaitlyn’s attempt at it didn’t impress the pros or the crowd, they were like… ‘what the hell? =-’ But oh well, Kaitlyn wins a mess of a segment, falls right into her league I guess.

Rating = 1.5/5

Want my opinion on Miz becoming WWE Champion? Raw Review, enough said. =-P

Who should be eliminated? Rookie opinions
Not too interested until Naomi said flat out that Kaitlyn couldn’t wrestle, nice call girl.

Rating = 3/5

AJ Eliminated?!?
All I can say is… what the BLEEP?! I can’t believe that AJ has been eliminated from the series. I mean there’s only one week left but still, it SHOULD have been AJ and Naomi in the finals with either winning, that I would have been alright with, since Kaitlyn CLEARLY doesn’t deserve to be in the finals. The woman can’t wrestle to save her life, she not very good on the mic, and the only thing she has going for her is her looks plus, the main factor in her staying this long, because of her rivalry with her Pro Vickie. Kaitlyn would have been a part of WWE even if she didn’t stay on, since WWE are still high on the woman, for reason I don’t even want to know.

But seriously, like I said earlier in the night, there’s something about AJ that makes us want to watch her in the ring, on the mic, walking down the ramp, she’s just got something about her that the fans love and they can connect with the woman. Maybe it’s because she’s so small and feisty but can still seem like a true athlete in the ring? Maybe it’s because of her ‘one of the guys’ character what with loving video games, fast food (doesn’t look it though ;-P), etc etc. Or maybe it’s because she has been the most truthful contestant in the contest as this woman, real name April Jeanette, has literally wanted to be a part of the WWE her whole life, she even started out wrestling on the independent circuit being a part of companies such as Womans Superstars Uncensored or WSU along with others as well. I mean she not another talentless model much like everyone else in the contest, since they weren’t even wrestlers to begin with, unlike AJ.

But still I know WWE look over the votes and maybe they wanted to keep Kaitlyn and Naomi on longer for a reason, I mean after all it was reported not long ago that they were the two on the show who management has a shine for the most, hence why they are in the finals. But to be honest, EVERYONE was shocked when she was announced, the pros, rookies, even the deadbeat arena that they were a part of tonight, not to mention the commentators, Cole included. But still, I can’t really explain much more than that, all I can say is that like AJ said during her speech, ‘we won’t see the last of her’, but that speech was so emotional, HELL of a LOT MORE than cena’s on Raw the night before thats for sure, I mean the crowd responded to her quite nicely as well, showing that they actually paid attention to this woman, and with good reason. More reasons? You already saw the Divas Match of 2010 earlier in the night, that speaks for itself.

Oh and also when I said all of them are talentless models, the only exception has to be Naomi as she has truly got used to this style of wrestling in such a quick time, and if you’ve heard her promos in NXT and seen her matches, much like both from tonight, you’ll see she can be just as determined as AJ was, even more so sometimes.

Rating = 0/5 (such a disappointment on the E’s part)

Overall View
Well I basically said everything that was needed to say in my AJ rant, all I can say is that this was indeed one of the better episodes of the season, not the best, but one of the most talked about anyway. Now onto next week’s episode, the final episode of Season 3 of NXT, who should win? Naomi or Kaitlyn? You pretty much guessed it but (AJ, should be anyway! >=-[) Naomi HAS to win this competition for I honestly feel, as talented in the ring and on the mic as she is, I feel she needs to win NXT mostly to give herself more of a push since she NEEDS it to help herself within the main roster, while Kaitlyn doesn’t as much, since she fans know her better as that girl who fought over Vickie’s boy toy.

Also, the winner of the contest wins a shot at the WWE Divas Championship for the future, and you think Kaitlyn will honestly pull a good match with anyone, do you honestly believe someone like HER deserves a championship match, for being with company for less than 4 months, INCLUDING her time within developmental?! Quite frankly she didn’t deserve to be in the season let alone in the finals. While I feel Naomi will have a really great match against whoever the Divas Champ is at the time, and if it’s against Natalya? Then I wouldn’t expect to be disappointed from these great women athletes.

So people, a vote for Naomi is a vote for an actual interest in womens wrestling, while a vote for Kaitlyn is a vote for failure and what the Divas Division should NOT become.

Overall Rating = 3/5

But thats all for this review, but before I finish up, make sure you guys check out more of AJ and Naomi’s FCW matches on Youtube, you’ll be even more impressed with them down in development, those guys down there are doing a hell of a job training up their talent, both male and female, and it shows in Naomi especially, not so much AJ since we all know she was great before signing with WWE.

Want to vote for Naomi (Or Kaitlyn, but you better not say so)? Go to this link below?

But again, until next time guys, this is Radical signing out by saying, “A vote for Naomi is a ‘Wicid’ vote for WWE and its Divas Division!”


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