The Roxy Sisters – Stirring Up Trouble

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This is a part of a story I want to write based on a film I made with some friends in R.C.T’s E3+ Film Making.

Asthe the clock struck ten past three, Ben walked across the schoolyard, hoping he wouldn’t get caught. He had enough on his mindalready, such has his sort-of-girlfriend, Bronwyn, his homework andwhat he was doing that weekend. He quickly scanned the yard from leftto right and ran as fast as he could. 

Suddenly, he stopped as he raninto something that felt like a big brick wall, but it wasbreathing. There, standing tall and fierce, were Roxy and RoxanneWellard, otherwise known as the Roxy Sisters. They had their schoolties around their heads and looked like obvious rule-breakers. 

“Oi,twerp!” said Roxy, as she stared down at Ben, who was feelingvery small. “You didn’t think you’d get away from us this easilydid you?”
“Well… I…erm” Ben stuttered, trying tothink of an excuse of why he tried to dodge the girls. 
“Wehad a deal, remember?” Roxanne added. “You do our homework,and you won’t have to have another session of us washing your hair inthe school bogs.”
“But, I’ve got my own homework to do!”cried Ben. 
“A deal’s a deal.” Roxy bellowed. “Iassume you want to be in pain from the insides out, if you don’t wantto do our work then?” 

The girls started to beat theirfists against their palms. Ben started shaking and panicking.

“Leave him alone!” yelled a girl’s voice.

The girls turned around andlooked down, to see Bronwyn, Ben’s sort-of girlfriend, looking up atthem a little scared herself, but trying to be strong. 
“Didyou hear that squeak?” Roxanne said as she began to laugh! “Itwas pathetic!”
“Shut up!” Bronwyn yelledagain.
“What did you say?” Said Roxy as she stared anevil sort of stare at the small girl.
“…I…said shutup…” Bronwyn mumbled quietly.
Roxanne picked up Bronwyn bythe jumper which left Bronwyn’s feet dangling in mid air.
“Listen,nerd. You, and your boyfriend Ben, are gonna do our homework so youwon’t feel our pain!” roared Roxanne.
“Want an example?”Shouted Roxy, as she grabbed Ben and aimed to punch him.
Ben beganto squeal as he saw Roxy’s arm getting closer to his face.
“Okay, okay. I’ll do it!” yelled Bronwyn. She didn’t want poor Ben tobe hurt and she didn’t fancy feeling the Roxy Sisters pain,either.

“Go do my Maths by next Wednesday!” ShoutedRoxanne as she put Bronwyn down and handed her the Maths book.
“Andmy English!” Roxy added as she threw a yellow English book toBen. 
The two kids picked up the books and ran off withfear.
“We did it again, sis” Said Roxy, in a chuffedtone of voice.
“Yep, we rule the school,” addedRoxanne.
They stood together, looking at the empty school yardwith pride

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  1. Ollys_Direction says: this is the new version of the film incase anyone wanted to know…

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