The Ryder Cup

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Yn Gymraeg

Today is this day that The Ryder cup tees off.

I feel quite proud about the fact that this massive event has come to Wales.

I’ll be totally honest, I’ve never been a big fan of golf (apart from crazy golf you play on holidays in Spain), so thought I’d try and get into the spirit of things and have a go.

If you think about it, there are golf clubs everywhere around South Wales, so had a hard decision on where to start. I called a friend and asked for advice…..

Rule 1: Don’t just turn up at a golf club expecting to play. You need to get some practice in at a driving range (this is somewhere to practice hitting the ball off a tee or fake plastic grass) as if you start hitting chunks out of the grass on a real course you will get thrown off.

At some Clubs and driving ranges you can hire the golf clubs there, but it may be worth giving a quick call to find out about this before you arrive.

Rule 2: You need the right clothes. Jeans/T-shirt/or shoes with heels are a big NO! So a Polo shirt, shirt, trousers and flat shoes or trainers are a must.

Rule 3: Maybe a good idea to have some lessons from a friend or a pro coach. It’s surprising how much you can learn from one of your friends who’s been doing it for a while. Lessons start at £20 per hour. (Friends are normally free!).

If you decide to ignore this option, good luck as you may find you will start to hate the game (You’ll be spending your time looking for balls in bushes and rivers). The trick is to hit it straight and in control.

I am a total beginner and really started to enjoy the game, I never thought I would.

I’d like to know what people think of it all?


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