The Saga of Darran Shan

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The Saga of Darran Shan begins with a boy called Darran Shan and his best friend Steve. They go to a place called the Cirque Du Freak and Darran takes a spider from one of the performers. He shows Steve the spider and he gets bitten by it and is very ill. Darran goes back to the performer he took the spider from, and discovers he is a vampire. He asks the vampire for the antidote to the spiders bite. To get the antidote he must become a vampire’s assistant’ and with that a creature of the night.
Steve goes to Vampire Mountain and has to do a number of challenges to become a Vampire Prince, he complete’s them with help from a grey skinned, raw meat eater called Harket. Harket and Darran become friends and do everything together. Harket starts getting nightmares and he doesn’t know who he is. Mr. Tiny, a vampire who can see into the future created Harket. Darran and Harket must travel through a magical door to a different place. The place is very dark and has no civilisation. Harket discovers who he is and they return to the Earth. Steve starts attacking Darran because he thinks that Darran became a vampire because he knows that Steve wanted to be a Vampire his whole life. Steve becomes the Lord of the Shadows. Darran and Steve must fight to the Death to decide who wins the War of the Scars.


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