The Trouble With Foster Care

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There’s so much inconsistency and so many unstable patterns in the foster care system.

Whenever things become too much, such as money or conflict, then we’re just moved on and there’s so much emotional neglect because people within the system are so afraid of losing their job and reputation because of a small minority of children in foster care who make false allegations. Whenever we get a bond with someone we have to move on or they move on. We miss out on important milestones because we have to go around many different people for permission who make it blatantly clear that they do not care.

There’s way too much money that attracts the wrong sort of people. We never get a say in our lives, so as a result we feel out of control and the anger, sadness and other emotions keep building until finally we get to teenage years and the normal case of rebellion is doubled and even tripled because all of the fuel from the negative emotions and they can’t legally punish us. So once we learn this we really go off the rails and there’s hardly anyone who is willing to reach out and bring us back to reality. We’re constantly made to feel like we don’t belong because we’re different. Often, our education is disrupted and we don’t fit in with foster families because we’re often resented by the foster carers real family.

I think when there’s conflict between LAC’s (Looked After Children) and Carers then more should be done to work through it, such as having family counselling because thousands of care leavers are being made to think that if conflict arises then the way you deal with it is to run away. That can have a massive detrimental effect on their social life, happiness and life? #Foodforthought?

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