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We all know Twilight (Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black) and most of us know The Vampire Diaries (Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore) but which one is better? I have info on both book series and the Twilight Movies and The Vampire Diaries TV show and you can vote.

The Twilight Saga is the easiest to explain as the books and movies have the same stories. Twilight is about Isabella (Bella) Swan who moved to Forks to live with her father. In her new school she meets the extremly pale and good looking Cullen family: Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale and the most good looking Edward Cullen. It does not take Bella long to realise that Edward is a ‘Vampire’ who sparkles (not very vamp like if you ask me) and they fall in love. “The Lion who fell in love with a lamb.”

In New Moon Bella begins to feel for her best friend, Jacob Black, who falls in love with her and he ends up as a Werewolf (who can change when he wants, I call that a Lycan) and he saves her from Victoria, a vampire trying to kill her. Then, thinking she is dead, Edward goes to the Volturi to kill himself but with the help of Alice, Bella saves him. And finally Eclipse (there is one more I haven’t read yet – Breaking Dawn – and the movie has not come out) in this a whole army of new born vampires comes after Bella, and the Cullens and the Wolves have to work together and even more difficult Edward and Jacob have to get along.

Actors I know the names of:

Bella=Kristin Stewart

Edward=Robert Pattinson

Jacob=Taylor Lautner

The Vampire Diaries is slightly harder to explain as the books and TV show have totally different stories (I think the more stories the better). There are seven Vampire Diaries books out so far, and three more are due to come out this year.

The books are about the popular blonde and blue eyed Elena Gilbert who lives in Fells Church with her Aunt Judith and little sister Margrett. She goes to school with her best friends Merredith Sulez and Bonnie Mcolough and her friend/ex boyfriend Matt Honeycutt. She ends up meeting Stefan Salvatore (rich, Italian, he has green eyes, curly black hair and pale skin. What more can you ask for) and they fall in love. After a short amount of time people end up killed or just attacked. Elena ends up meeting Stefan’s older brother Damon Salvatore (also pale, Duhh, Rich, black hair and black eyes) who falls in love with Elena and wants her to become his Princess of Darkness (yep he is the evil one). Elena goes through alot and with the help of Stefan, Damon, Meredith, Bonnie and Matt she fights many enemies (spoiler alert) and dies twice.

In the TV show Elena lives with her Aunt Jenna and brother Jeremy. She is in school with her two friends Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes and her ex boyfriend Matt Donovan and bully Tyler Lockwood. While sorting out her drug-using brother Jeremy she meets Stefan Salvatore and they fall in love. Stefan is hiding a dark secret when he is in Mystic Falls (The Town) people are killed/attacked and he realises he isn’t alone: his older brother Damon is on the loose.

Damon ends up attacking Vicki Donovan and Killing Stefan’s, Elena’s and Jeremy’s history teacher Mr Tanner, his and Stefan’s great grandson Zack and many others (yup, still evil). Damon is in search for Katherine Pierce: a vampire who is Elena’s ancestor and played by the same actress. After finding Katherine never loved him Damon falls for Elena. When Mr Tanner’s replacement, Alaric Saltzman, shows up Damon is not happy. Alaric is a vampire hunter who is searching for Damon.

Actors I know the names of:

Elena/Katherine=Nina Dobrev

Stefan=Paul Wesley

Damon= Ian Somerhalder

Jeremy=Steven R. McQueen

Jenna=Sara Canning

Bonnie=Katerina Graham

Caroline=Candice Accola

Matt=Zach Roerig

Vicki=Kayla Ewell

Tyler=Michael Trevino

Alaric=Matt Davis

Which do you think is better? Let us know in the comments below.

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