The Young Playwrights Competition: – Bit of a Surprise!

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Before I go on about what I have to say, I’d just like to say the bit of a surprise is for me really. Unless, you’re surprised, too.

So I thought I had finished with the Playwrights. Like I said I was fine not winning any of the awards because I was thankful to have gotten into the final 6 from the overall 30 plays that were entered, and as long as I had pleased the people I wanted to please, then I was happy.
But Monday, I had a bit of a shock. Well, it wasn’t really like an “OMG!” shock. Just more like a “Wow, didn’t see that coming but oh well” sort of shock, If you get me. Anyway, I had a letter a few weeks ago saying I was up for an award at the school’s Annual Awards Night, and my mother and I had been puzzling over what I could of done to actually receive an award. My mother thought it would have been for Most Laziest Pupil (Yeah thanks, mam, I love you too!) but I don’t think our school actually awards people for that. Right, back to Monday. I had rehearsals for the Awards Ceremony so I went and found my number on the board and it said “Finalist of The Young Playwrights – Jazmin Williams: 114 (That was my seat number in case you really wanted to know that) I will admit I was surprised. I thought all the awards had been given out on the night of the Playwrights and that was that. Obviously I was wrong. I may as well tell you about the awards now that I’ve brought the subject up.

The Awards took place on the 13th of April 2011. We pupils had to take our seats in the Lesser Hall (which opened into the big hall) which was way back away from the stage (meaning we could barely see anything.) and had to be quiet and sit still. In the main hall, the parents and teachers sat and watched the whole night (with a much better view than us, which I think is unfair since we were the ones who were receiving the awards, but I can’t really complain, at least I was up for an award!) Then, onstage sat our head teacher, Mrs Guilfoyle and a bunch of other people whose names I do not actually know. Oh and Phil Steel, the guy from BBC Sports or something (commentator for Wales is what I found out) was there, too as the guest speaker, all sat at the table where the awards were kept.
The night began with Mr Rhys Jones, Deputy Head (Well, soon to be head teacher since Mrs Guilfoyle is leaving this week) welcoming everyone, then followed by Mrs Guilfoyle giving a speech about her leave and her memories of the pupils. Then there was the Senior Choir singing “The Rhythm of Life” which was really good. After that, Phil Steel, our guest speaker, gave a speech about achievements, his achievements, his past and working with children. Oh, and something about the Welsh Rugby team but I don’t know what he was on about since I’m not a fan of sports. (Comments below if you know)
With the speeches over, the awards began. There were all sorts of awards to be handed out, Sports awards (Bet you can guess who handed those awards out), Music awards, Welsh Bacc awards, Science awards. The list can go on for ages really. Then came the Performing Arts Awards. My category! In this category, there were quite a few awards. For example, The Shakespeare award, this was given to the leads from year 10’s performance of Macbeth in the Millennium Centre, Cardiff, for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Shakespeare School Festival. They were Jacob Coleman, who played Macbeth and Emma Lewis who played Lady Macbeth (I was in the production, too, but only as a soldier. It was fun though!) and other awards like Musical Theatre Award, etc. Then it came to my award. I was last up for collecting the award. Nothing much really happened. I just got called up, shook hands with Phil Steel as he handed me my award and certificate (The award I had was for UK’s Best Short Film 2010 but they didn’t mention it. They just said the Playwrights. But, if you’re interested, you can watch the film, Fierce Headbutt here
All in all, it was a good night. I found out that the play wasn’t as bad as I thought and I’ve achieved from it! Just thought I’d let you know this for the ones who did read my “Young Playwrights” articles. This is the last entry (I think. Unless there are any other surprises up their sleeves). Thanks for reading!


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