Things I Hate About Reality T.V.

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Disclaimer: This contains some moderate language which may cause offence to younger readers.

Reality Television, Fly-On-The-Wall, Game shows, whatever you want to call them I call them a waste of airtime!

Please note: this is a completely opinion based rant, therefore, please feel free to not read it you want to read something happy and positive – I recommend Stuart Little.

Here’s my hit list and I’m going work my way through it:

1) The worst of the worst: Big Brother

Big Brother to me is the epitome of trashy television! Take a group of strange people made up of the sex-hungry “hunk”, the oompa loompa with extensions, the squeaky and stupid gay guy, the one Ghetto Girl thinkin’ she’s Jenny from the Block and the Conservative bore. Starve them, film them and make them perform tricks for reward – if you’re only reading now, I am in fact talking about Big Brother and now West Midlands Safari Park.

What bothers me fundamentally about the show is not Davina McCall’s being, not really the contestants, not even the unrelated name, but the fact that it makes these everyday people famous. People go on this show to become famous and we are left to suffer for it.

2) The X Factor

The X Factor A.K.A the place talent gets sold for money. Hated the show ever since Sharon Osbourne left. In the beginning, you could dismiss the terrible auditions and the rowdy failures that picked a fight with the body-guarded Simon as entertainment. But, one by one the show just became what it is today.

Sharon Leaves
The private audience is ditched and the format of Britain’s Got Talent is copied completely
Cheryl Cole and her Geordie tear ducts infected our screens
Everyone leaves except Louis yet he’s still treated like s***

I can’t watch this show, it makes me physically want to hit something – a talent show which promotes the exact opposite and it’s inescapable. Despite the fact I do not watch it I can still tell you who is in, out, shaken all about and probably what song they butchered. It also pains me that Gary Barlow was ruined for me by this show and I now cannot stand his terrible impression of Simon any longer!

What’s more, the winners are almost never as successful as the runners-up, and even then other than Leona, who can really say they shot to fame. Three years later, The X-Factor seems to be the only place gig Alexandra can book!

Congratulations to Olly and Stacey though – runners up in a singing contest and one’s on the same show playing presenter and the other’s the new Kerry Katona. Poor darling.
3) The Only Way is Essex

The one that everyone thinks started it all, but remember Snooki? No, neither do I? Literally camera’s following around walking mannequins as they attempt to move their facial muscles and b**** each other off – unfortunately, some do manage to speak and they unleash and the cheese grater of all accents!
It bothers me that it’s lasted so long, that people are interested in the lack of storyline and that the Government can complain the economy is down when these girls have bought so much slap!

Don’t worry Essex, we don’t blame you.

TOWIE also launched so many knock-offs, Made In Chelsea being one – it’s the same documented boredom, but it appears they’re speaking English.

I’d like to however say a huge thank you to entertaining reality shows such as Wife Swap, Come Dine with Me and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here for not making people think they are famous (In I’m a Celebrity’s cases they already know!) And they’re just a tad more real and not this scripted rubbish that we are to believe is spontaneous!

Quickly I’d like to add how boring I find game shows, particular Deal or No Deal – a game that lasts over an hour that could be played in about 3 minutes, and Noel Edmonds presents, need I say more?

Thank you for letting me rant and please give your opinions, what do you hate about television and why?

P.S If I ever have to defend myself over the above, I’m gonna plea “Haters will Hate!” okies?

Til Next time, Love! x

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    SO glad we agree! X Factor does my nut in. It’s always on in my house an since my mother likes “family time” I have to sit through it. But I have company from my trusty laptop, my loyal iPhone and a pair of earphones. Much better >< x

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