Thomastown went Skating in Ferndale!

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Thomastown Skate trip to Ferndale

On 18th November, young people from Thomastown went to the indoor skate park in Ferndale for two hours on the ramps. Most of them had scooters, but we could not allow bikes due to space on the bus (they simply would not have been able to have fitted on board). 9 young people attended, and had two hours to show off their skills on all of the ramps. Since we purchased private sessions, the park was closed to everyone else, so the young people had full run of the park. All safety equipment such as pads and helmets were worn,

The young people really enjoyed this activity, although a common complaint was they were not allowed to take bikes. Next time, we will book a bigger bus (or one with a trailer) so that bikes will be permitted.

“Thank you, I had an awesome time. Can we do it again for longer next time?”


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