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Thorpe Park Ahoy!!!

On 2nd July (last Saturday for you peeps who have forgotten the day) 2 staff from Combine House (youth drop in on Friday nights in Tonypandy), 2 Bodringallt Youth Centre staff (Ystrad, Rhondda) a detached youth worker who was volunteering completely out of her cluster (ME!) and a tired looking Naylan (a total of Five staff – count ‘em because the Combine and Bodringallt staff work in both clubs! Hah, got u!) took 22 young people to Thorpe Park for the day. And what a day it was! Unbelievably hot, hot, hotand actually quite expensive too. Thorpe Park was bigger than what was expectedso large that I only saw several of the young people twice throughout the day, hence the lack of young people photos.
The day was fantastic, the weather blazingly sunny, and waiting times ranged from 5 minutes (at the start of the day) to over 90 minutes for the bigger rides at midday. These times did not change much, and this was the only complaint from young people. Oakwood, being a fraction of the size, and with fewer rides generally does not have this problem with waiting times. In addition, Oakwood takes about 1.3 hours to arrive, and Thorpe Park can take over 3 hours, so there is a trade off between the two parks.
Generally Thorpe Park was a brilliant experience, the young people loved it (see their comments below) and the staff did nothing other than laugh throughout the day (I was a bit panicky at several points throughout the daywhat if we missed one young person? Or – Heaven Forbid- half of one? *Gulp!* Geraint named me Head of Head countsI think I broke the record at a total of 6 at one point (well, I had to be sure everyone was on board)

After chatting to the young people after the trip, I know they loved the day, and it would not have been possible without the staff: Geraint (who made everything possible), Gemma, Ruth and Naylan!

“Best day ever even though it was hot and I made new friends, definitely go again” – Mark Bees

“I had a beast of a time to day” – Kyle B

“Awesome day, defo do it again. Shame on time limits though. Awesome. – anonymous young person

“Really good day, love to do something like this again, be nice to stay overnight? Fab time” – anonymous young person

“I thought today was a thrill from start to finish with amazing rides like ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Saw’” – Bevan

“To sum it up in one word, WOW! Amazing day, should do this or something similar again! Hope to be writing in this again!” – Katie Trems

“What a fab day! I had an awesome time! Would love to do it again!” – Ava John

‘The day was amazing – Wish we could have stayed later, or maybe overnight!” – Sophie

‘Best £33 I have spent in a while” – Bryony Chislett-Williams

“Really good day, great weather and the rides were awsum! Good time with the girls!” – Hannah

‘Great day but the queuing was awful! Thought I was going to die but it was a good laugh with the girls and we should go on trips like this more often!’ – Shannon Hopkins

‘Yeh, I agree with what the others said!” – Nia Evans


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