Three Poems by Luna Light

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The little boy
the cold winter day a upon the moor
run down the boy who lives next door
happy as can be dancing through the hills
past all the little white sheep all in a row
‘run run’ go the boy to the lake
where his dog waits for him in joy

Water and Fire
the cool wet pool
on the calm dream stream
I got in a muddle in cold puddle
the day was spooky and fun in sun
I splash in teardrops had to dash
happy dancing in morning light
soft as the warm day
flame lit as hot as day
hungry as the sparkling of night
licks as peace as a dog
colourful as the festive day

Earth and Wind
the earth is calm in morning light
the animal sleep to the break of day
the lion sings to new cubs
the trees shake with the wind
dancing calm with deer in forest
until the end of day
the cold wind blow from the moor
the leaves danced the calm wind of day
the snow fly in the air of winter
wind run to the sea in all colours of day
soft hugging young children as they sleep

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  1. Toriabeth! says:

    I love these!

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