Tonypandy Riots – 100 years on

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This year is the 100 year Centenary of the Tonypandy Riots which happened as a result of the pit owners of the local collieries trying to suppress the wages and working conditions of the miners. The miners were not happy with the situation and decided to go on strike, organising a picket outside the Powerhouse building in Llwynypia which was the pumphouse an integral part of the workings of the Glamorgan Colliery. The peaceful demonstrations turned into a full blown riot when the Chief Constable ordered his men to charge the crowds. This lead to additional police forces sending in their men and ultimately the troops were sent to Tonypandy.

The miners stayed out on strike for nearly a year and when they eventually went back to work they might well have felt their efforts had been in vain as they had failed to gain an improvement in their wages. This did prompt the government to introduce the Minimum Wage Act in 1912 by the Liberal Government.

To commemorate the events of 1910 the 6 primary school in the cluster have worked together on a project to recreate the clothing of the 1910 miners and their wives. They helped to cut out and sew the outfits ready to wear on their trip to the Rhondda Heritage Park. During the trip they learned about the key places and events relating to the Tonypandy Riots and the hardship the families had to endure. They finished the day with a tour around the underground mine and a ride on the dram.


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