Tonyrefail All Stars Volunteering Night – Part 1

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An update for Friday 18th March in Tonyrefail

As you are aware now from my last post, I have moved clusters to Tonyrefail from Ferndale. Before the move, I was invited by Rhian to attend a celebration evening in Rhondda Bowl to get to know people. Trust me, I stood out in my red hoody with RCT Detached Youth Worker on the back, and everyone else looked lovely and smart, dressed up properly, and then there was me. I knew only a few people, and I also took my camera. It looks like an SLR, but it’s only a digital, and I’d not used it since leaving Bodringallt youth centre more than a year before.

Due to someone whose name I do not know being unable to attend, I ended up as photographer for the evening…and that was that. I had something to do. yay!!

Called ‘Tonyrefail All Stars’ the evening was a celebration of all of the volunteering held over the last year, and what a night it was. It was great to see so many hard-working volunteers praised for their dedication and hard work, without who so many activities and projects would not have been able to run. I took 190 photos during the evening, so I cannot possibly put all of them on Wicid (It was Andy’s fault, he kept on urging me to take more and more photos!), and our Rhian had to stand up and speak (I have a photo of that here).

Many thanks go to everyone who made the evening so enjoyable, including the volunteers, CF, Rhondda Bowl for hosting the awards, Detached youth workers Rhian and Tracey, and councilors Eudine Hanagan and Bob McDonnald for handing out the awards.


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