Tonyrefail Midnight Ice Skate

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December 2-3rd december saw the two Detached workers in Tonyrefail taking 57 young people to the Planet Ice in cardiff for midnight Ice Skate event. Organised and run by Youth Cymru this event is an annual event, and it also gave Tracey time to catch up with the Newport workers who she has not seen in years.

57 young people went on the ice…and had a whale of a time. One of the volunteers (Aaron) swiped Tracey’s scarf and ear muffs when she wasnt looking and wore them all night long. There were several trip ups and falls, which are expected when people are balancing on a blade on ice, but the young people enjoyed the experience. 57 young people sweated on the ice, and the staff shivered in the cafe, looking after bags and coats.

One young person was taken to hospital for a check up due to being unwell, and another was blamed for tripping up and kicking another young person but he was later proven to be innocent of this (false identity) and he was given free tickets to the next Devil’s match as compensation for security blaming him for something he did not do.

“This was a good night, with a fab new experience, but the only issue was we were not permitted outside once we were in, but this was not our workers but the event.”
-anonymous young person


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