Tonyrefail Skate Park acticities

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Tonyrefail detached team organised and planned three skate park trips to Ferndale Skate Park as a part of their Friday Night Provision. The young people were transported to the park, and had two hours on the ramps as a private session. The nini bus was not big enough for bikes, so only, blades, scooters and boards were permitted due to space.

The first time, only 6 turned up, and they slept on the bus on the way back home, but since then, the activities have gone from strength to strength. The last trip on 30th March saw teachers at Ton School being asked and E3+ being nagged about it. The end result was we could have filled the bus four times over!

So, me and Rhian are cutrently planning more skate park activities…watch this space for further info. if you are interested, then come and speak to Rhian or Tracey!


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