Tonyrefail Youth Forum Residential (TYF in TAF!)

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Tonyrefail Youth Forum – TYF in TAF planned and organised a residential to Sealyham activity centre to finalise our forum agreement.

During the 3 day residential we talked about and agreed the way in which we want the forum to work and agreed some ground rules. It wasn’t all work though….there were some fun activities thrown in the pictures show!

When we got there on the Wednesday we went on the high ropes (oh and they were high!) and had some free time in the evening. Thursday we did some work around the forum and then we surfed the waves!! Friday morning was a rather action packed morning, we went coasteering and jumped off some cliffs into the lagoon….we even had a seal join us in the water (I thought it was going to eat me mind!!)!

We didn’t go all the way to Sealyham without going on the famous tour of the house and hearing the stories of the Sealyham Terriors though!
Thursday night we were taken on a walk into the forest and told some ghost stories…..ooooooo! We even ventured down into the basement in the pitch black….the famous wolf wasn’t there though!

It was a brilliant few days and I think its fair to say everyone enjoyed….can’t wait to go again!!

If you would like to become involved in the Tonyrefail Youth Forum or would like to know what is going on in the area please contact either myself (Zoe) on 07825 675855 or Rhian on 07769 164677


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