Trampolines In A Cave?

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‘Yn Gymraeg // In Welsh’

Have you ever wanted to bounce on a trampoline that was underground? Or is it something that’s never crossed your mind before, but now it has, and you can’t wait to find out more?

Either way, I’m going to introduce you to the trampolines in a cave. Which, personally, I must admit sounds like the best thing ever. Even the well known internet personality Perez Hilton agreed that this new creation deserves the title ‘Most Fun Place In The World’. He went on to congratulate the country: “You win, Wales. You win!”

Yes, that’s right, the trampolines in a cave is a new attraction coming to Wales. Bounce Below is a brand new adventure activity at Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog, and it will be opening in North Wales next month (3rd of July).

It has been designed by the same owner as Zip World. Both activities have been created by Sean Taylor, who saw the area’s industrial importance and history, and wanted to bring a new attraction to the country’s landscape. No more is it a place abandoned by its past, but it’s a place filled with the exhilarating thrills of the high speed zip lines and now also a world class underground adventure like no other.

If the idea of bouncing on three massive trampolines with 10-foot-tall net walls and sliding down a 60-foot slide that links them underground doesn’t already sound like the coolest thing ever, the caves also light up bright neon pink, purple, turquoise and green. There’s an incredible display of lights that morph the interior of the cave into the biggest underground disco ever to have existed.

The whole concept is out of this world. It’s absolutely crazy. And bouncing on my trampoline at the back of the garden doesn’t sound quite as fun anymore. I for one would much rather get dressed up in a cotton overall and get given a helmet to jump on a train and disembark into a cavern twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Wouldn’t you too?

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