Trystan And Calvin Tear It Up At Radio Cardiff

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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

This was Trystanand Calvin, year 10, of Tonyrefail School, DJ’ing on the Digital Exposure showon Radio Cardiff.

For the radio-show, the boys chose a 45 minute guest mix. They both chose themusic they played and had the tracks set out in order to see what song they’d playfirst. This was their third time playing.

For the radio-show they created a playlist full of songs which were appropriatefor the set, also most of them were the boys’ favourites. They used roughly15-20 songs and the set lasted for 45 minutes. The styles of music used wereFuture House, Deep House, Trap, and Big Room. Future house is a mix of Deep andBig Room, Deep House is songs full of bass, Trap is a slower type of big room,but with more beats per minute (BPM), and big room is your average (E.g MartinGarrix) EDM (Electronic Dance Music) song. The software they used was rekordboxwhich converted the songs to be compatible with the Pioneer Decks that MartinDibble uses, but all the top DJs use these so it was really inspiring for theboys to be using the same equipment as the people they look up to.

Also, for the radio equipment they usedmyriad which is used to create ad’s and also to create idents which are eitherdry or wet. Dry means they are used to put over the top of a song and when theyare recorded they have nothing other than the voice talking. Wet is thecomplete opposite.

Before the boys played they were interviewed by Martin. They were very nervousat the start but after it, it all felt natural and they grew in confidence. Ifyou would like to listen to the set again or for the first time, go to or you can go to

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