TTEG Summer Report 2009

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Easter Litter Pick
During the Easter Litter Pick, we worked with Cornerstone Church, Communities First and Keep Wales Tidy. We worked to clean Tre-Telynog, around the police station, the field behind Reardon’s Chip Shop and bottom part of the Lambeth Field.

Award 8 – Go Karting
TTEG went to Supakart in Newport there were 8 children and adults. It was very enjoyable and really fast.

The gardening project was also finished at Easter this year because of the bad weather in the summer of 2008. We worked to complete 4 gardens which now have borders full of flowers and shrubs.

Half Term Litter Pick
We worked through Tre-Telynog and around the Lambeth Field. We had a can team to separate the cans from the other litter ready for crushing. The group were also provided with drinks.

Award 9 – Horse Riding
For this group trip, we had to go to Aberdare Country Park and they gave us lessons on how to control the horses and give them commands. (Stop, go, left, right)
By Aidan Gillette, Aged 12.


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